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Online survey sites can be used to supplement your income, but it's challenging to generate substantial sums.

By taking paid internet surveys, anyone wishing to make a little additional money can do so.

Even some of them are respected. Survey sites operate quite simply: Users do an online assignment or answer questions to receive payment in exchange for their time.

But is it really simple money?

Regrettably, no. However, if you follow a few guidelines, some paid online surveys might be worthwhile of your time:

  1. Never pay to access a website for online surveys. The person who is meant to be paid is you. If you need to pay anything to sign up for these sites, you're probably being duped. It is definitely acceptable to shop at a retailer using these sites as you are doing so when you are purchasing goods.
  2. Spend very little time on survey websites; 5 minutes or less per survey is optimal. It's excellent if you're having fun while making some additional cash. You should look for something that genuinely pays well if it feels like effort.
  3. Expecting speedy payment is unrealistic. Sometimes it can take days or even weeks to accumulate enough money or points to pay out.
  4. In terms of the time commitment, be reasonable. It sounds like completing a survey will just take a little while but don’t be deceived. The surveys can occasionally take up to 15 or 20 minutes.
  5. Don't rely solely on online surveys for money. Better side jobs exist. These paid online survey websites are most effective if you enjoy looking for bargains and earning additional money. If you don't mind taking a few minutes to complete a survey, just be informed that you may not qualify because you fit the wrong profile. Each survey requires certain profiles (age, education, married or not, race, etc.)

Here are some of the top paid online survey websites that can assist generate extra revenue, keeping those disclaimers in mind.

Branded Surveys

You make a profile and provide some information about your life. You really shouldn't use any of these sites unless you're OK with companies knowing some things about you. The more personal information you provide, the more the firm knows about you so that it can provide surveys that are customized to your interests or way of life.

You may exchange your earned points for cash by completing surveys for Branded Surveys' Fortune 500 clients for whom the company is doing market research.

When you reach 500 points, which is equal to $5, you can cash out. The typical reward is up to (notice the "up to") 300 points each survey. One dollar is equivalent to 100 points, according to BrandedSurveys. You have the option of receiving payment by PayPal, gift cards, or your Branded Pay or PayPal account.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is used everywhere, including in the market for paid online surveys. According to the Google Opinions Rewards website, after downloading an app and providing some personal information, you will start receiving surveys about once a week, although it may be more or less frequent.

These questionnaires are usually brief, and you might complete one in under a minute. When a survey is ready, you'll receive a message on your phone, and in exchange for sharing your thoughts, you'll get "up to" $1 in Google Play or Paypal credit.

Inbox Dollars

For taking surveys and watching videos, you'll receive points, which you can redeem for cash. You can't actually cash out after completing survey sites until you earn $30, though, and so if you don't enjoy taking the surveys, it may be a bit of a drag to wait until you reach $30.

Meanwhile, payments are processed every Wednesday, and so if you reach $30 on a Thursday, it may take about a week to get paid. There is a $5 welcome bonus to help you get started.


One of the more well-known websites is this one. With Swagbucks points are earned by taking online surveys. If you earn enough, you can exchange them for money or gift cards. According to the Swagbucks website, the majority of members should be able to make $1 per survey and to at least $5 every day, or $365 to $1,825 per year, even though certain offers pay in the area of $50 to $250.

One Swagbuck on this website is only worth a penny, therefore it's one of those places you won't get rich at all. You won't become wealthy using any of these websites. However, if you're willing to take surveys, view videos, and simply browse the website to see what points you can earn, what coupons, and free samples are available, you might find it worthwhile and even enjoyable.


This is a great payout survey app I’ve used. The Measure Protocol is a legitimate business with headquarters in London that offers data solutions to its partners. You may earn money with the Measure Protocol app for iOS and Android smartphones through paid surveys, paid jobs, and a referral program. Paid tasks are quick per survey, easy tasks that pay you extra money for finishing them.

Every day, you'll normally receive 1-2 surveys to complete for payments ranging from $0.2 to $0.8 per survey. Bonuses of $1.40-$4.00 per survey happen frequently. Once you reach $10 you can payout directly to your Paypal. I also notice if I don’t see any surveys in my feed and I just go in and scroll refresh, a new survey or three often pop because the app can “see” I am online.


How long should I spend on a survey site?

It's best to keep each surveys site under 12 minutes – though 10 minutes is even better. Often, the longer the surveys for money, the higher the dropout rate per survey.

How much money do you make a month completing paid surveys?

It depends on survey sites. I've made over $75 dollars in 1 month answering surveys which is low taking into context I probably completed 100. But there are some survey companies that pay you to refer new people to their platform as well and that’s where you can make a decent income with referrals on top of completing the surveys.

Do survey sites pay via gift cards?

Yes legitimate survey companies do. Many survey sites pay through gift cards. Paid surveys are paying out via digital cards and online gift cards. Gift cards a popular means to gift oneself after getting off a survey site!

Why do the best paid survey sites pay such little money?

The majority of survey websites are third-party sites, market research companies, that purchase their surveys from research firms. The 3rd party sites must rely on the participation of their members to generate revenue because these corporations initially pay relatively little per survey.

Top Paid Survey Site

All of the above paid online survey sites have the potential to disqualify mid survey or even after you’ve completed the survey which means: you don’t get paid. If you are wanting a survey site where no time is wasted and every survey pays, check out “The Best Survey Site”.

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