'Gene Keys' Uses Astrology and Chinese Philosophical Text to Map Your Personality

Gene keys are all about decoding the underlying genetic patterns within your personality. Using various tools, such as Myers-Briggs types, astrological charts, Ayurvedic doshas, and many others, is always exciting.

The Gene Keys, however, are the next step in personality mapping after you've exhausted all other options and are looking for something fresh and new.

The method, which is based on Richard Rudd's book Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA, is a personality and transformation system similar to astrology that uses the 64 archetypes of the I Ching instead of the 12 signs of the zodiac. You are one of the 64 archetypes, in essence.

According to Gene Keys specialist Daniel B. Holeman says within the human design system, "it maps a person's psychological and spiritual composition as imprinted at birth (like astrology) and proposes the 64 attributes are inscribed in our DNA." "Epigenetics holds that DNA is altered in response to environmental input." Hence, a gene keys synthesis phenomenon.

The Gene Keys are supposed to be numerical human attributes that can change according to frequency, or your energetic vibration. While the same quality is expressed as a "Gift" at a higher frequency, a "Shadow" is expressed at a lower frequency.

Thus, a trait such as "Greed" at the Shadow frequency changes into "Aspiration" at the Gift frequency. Because they are thought of as an encoding that can unlock your greater potential and turn your Shadow into a Gift, they are referred to as "keys."

What is the Golden Path within gene keys? In essence, it's the road to developing into your most conscious, fully realized self. Which, while it may sound difficult, your first step is as easy as knowing the moment of your birth.

You are on the Golden Path based on your Gene Keys profile.

According to Holeman, a profile or chart based on your birth data lays out the salient characteristics or themes in your life, including your higher purpose and other facets of your distinctive personality. The "Golden Path" is what enlightens the profile and guides you through using it to transform and realize your potential through ancient wisdom.

So how can I access my Gene Keys profile? Simply enter your birth details, including the time, date, and place, on the official website. You will receive a variety of Gene Keys from it that are centered on your life's work, your evolution, your brilliance, and your mission.

My life's work, for instance, is described in Gene Key 27 as "providing support and nurturing to others," but never at my own price. Which is, incidentally, incredibly pertinent.

The idea is that I use the profile as my guide—and there is additional information to get me there—if I want to take this path of gene keys teachings to self improvement.

According to Holeman, "The Golden Route is an experiential process that typically takes months to complete and brings you through your [path] step by step." "There are three stages, called 'Sequences,' as they are carried out in a certain order, like the layers of an onion, with written material, audio, and video [supplements] for each stage."

Before you set out on your quest, let's briefly explain what those sequences are:

Activation Sequence

The first stage of the Golden Path, or Gene Keys Path, is called the Activation Sequence, and it only requires you to read up on your gene keys thoroughly. That will upgrade your gene keys transmission coming into your truest self.

According to Holeman, "Once you activate your mission and generate greater 'core stability,' you are no longer striving to fill that [vacuum] by pursuing things outside of yourself, since living your purpose creates a true contentment from within.

Venus Sequence

According to Holeman, the Venus Sequence is more about putting in the effort and "addressing the deeper wounds that lead us to defend our hearts and respond in relationships." "This [Venus] Sequence leads you far into those traumas so you are no longer triggered by others in relationships [and] can remain more steadily in your heart no matter what life throws at you," the author writes.

Pearl Sequence

The third sequence, known as the Pearl Sequence, comes after you have begun to live more deliberately and from a more grounded place, according to the gene key system. This is about how to live prosperously and best share your special gifts with the world.

"It's usual for repeating difficulties to surface up or be re-experienced with a new perspective when you go through the processes," says the author.

According to Holeman, such insight is intended to spark a progressive change that raises your frequency so that you can "live your greater potential with good relationships and prosperity." Enjoy the gene keys journey! The Golden Path is the system's true gold mine and treasure.

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How many Gene Keys can you have?

There are 14 numbers on each side of your human design chart. If you have an 11.4 on the left and an 11.5 on your right that means you have Gene Key 11 in your profile. Most people have between 5-15 gene keys in their profile. See pic below for example.

The above is adapted from Richard Rudd and his profound work at www.genekeys.com. For a more comprehensive 'deep dive' into this Gene Keys System, go to www.genekeys.com.