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With AI story generators like Sudowrite, authors of fiction may create characters, create fantastical settings, and even write complete plots.

In my Sudowrite review, I'll go through the program's salient attributes and provide usage examples.

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Table of Contents

Dear reader, I have included the 3 stories my top writer generated with Sudowrite in this review written in first person:

Story 1: A writer takes help from a robot (exploring key features)

Story 2: A town where vampires & zombies co-exist (Using AI feedback feature)

Story 3: A love story between a vampire and an AI (mixing sci-fi and folklore)

If in a hurry, I suggest starting with story #1 as it also gives a pretty good walkthrough of Sudowrite.

Before we jump into the review, a few details about my criteria for a good AI story assistant…

Detailed Sudowrite Review

I was able to start from a single line about my character and produce a short story that was completely coherent about a writer who used a robot to help him or her write. 🤖

Most importantly, it was enjoyable to imagine things with an artificial friend who never gets bored!

Discover the salient aspects of Sudowrite I used to make the story below.

1) Brainstorm and Canvas

Sudowrite enables you to generate ideas for every element of a tale from a single sentence. I put the brainstorming tools to the test to make sure they were effective. Impressive results were obtained!

Sudowrite gave me several brainstorming options like characters, descriptions, objects, places, and world-building.

Story #1: A writer taking help from a robot to write.

Sudowrites’ brainstorm character gave me dozens of helpful ideas.


By the way, Sudowrite Canvas also allows you to organize your ideas, characters, and plot points. You can picture your characters, as I did with the antagonist in the story below, which is a really cool function. (The blue-hat wearing villain with the terrible chin)

You can add your own notes and make an outline using the given templates in Sudowrite's Canvas. AI can be used to fill up and enhance your notes.

Although Canvas often has a haphazard feeling, the outlining feature is cool and simple to use; it can either create an outline from your summary or let you change it step-by-step. It provides you with a broad overview of the course your tale is taking.

Canvas is accessible from the left sidebar.

2) Expanding Plots, Write & Rewrite Features

I added the concepts we came up with in the editor. One click was used. I rearranged the sentences in the sequence I like, then I selected the expand button next to the final statement.

I was blown away by how coherent the story generated by Sudowrite Expand was. Shown on the right.


What an incredible narrative sample I received! Everything written in blue in the screenshot below is a story that an AI developed from a single sentence!

Sudowrite expanded the plot of my story from a single line!

By the way, "focus mode" is the name of the tidy UI above. An interface that is already beautiful can be made distraction-free.

Write/Rewrite Fine Tuning

Using Sudowrite's default writing mode, I completed the tasks listed above. But you may choose between auto, guided, and tone-shift writing modes if you want even more control over the tenor or course the AI takes while elaborating on your text.

Sudowrite offers 3 writing modes
  • First Draft: The First Draft tool in Sudowrite creates up to 1000 words from a scenario description, giving you an excellent place to start when revising and personalizing the text.
  • Guided Write and Auto Write: Enter a sentence or two about the following part in Guided Write to produce up to 250 words. Without input, Auto Write generates text.
  • Tone Shift: This function makes changing the tone of your story simple.

In order to help you restate or edit what you have already written, it also provides a rewrite option. As you can see in the screenshot below, Sudowrite gives you the option to increase your level of description, rephrase, condense, add more conflict and intensity, etc. while writing.

I have shown these options on story #2 as i took the screenshots later.

3) Describing Story Elements

Sudowrite also allows you to describe critical plot items more fully.

Sudowrite provided me with 5 descriptions as suggestions: sound, sight, smell, touch, taste, and a possible metaphor. The result was coherent and the word choice was good.

Sudowrite’s output for Describe the robot in my story.

4) Generating a Story Twist!

Even though the Twist feature is still in testing, I was still able to produce entertaining and intriguing outcomes. Check the screenshot below to see the twist I got.

My robot enjoys stealing my ideas and is hell-bent on ruling the world.

Sudowrite can write a twist for your story if you give it a summary.

Wait, what? Even so, that wasn't true!

This is the ideal M. Night Shyamalan twist, isn't it?

5) Feedback on Your Writing by AI

An experimental tool called feedback allows the AI reader to read your work and provide feedback on its theme, plot, etc.

You can enable AI Feedback in Sudowrite settings under experimental features.

Here’s my input story for which I asked Sudowrite for feedback:

Story #2

I attempted to design a city where humans, vampires, and zombies coexist, but vampires and zombies have both been successful in hiding their true identities from people.

A battle between zombies and vampires is now developing. (This story was, incidentally, "extended" using Sudowrite.)

The story only begins in the part below. I didn't give any indication as to how the plot would go (do they kill each other off? Do they establish a cartel where vampires commit murder and zombies consume brains?). Yet, receiving criticism on the writing style is sufficient (min 400 words).

Input story for feedback function.
See feedback story 1, 2, and 3 below.
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3

Very good, yes? According to Sudowrite, as your work develops, AI readers are more adept at providing criticism. Also, it is still in the experimental stage and will advance.


Aside from getting feedback on your writing, you might also want to generate blurbs for your novels/books.

Sudowrite has a handy feature for that too called Shrinkray. You can upload your manuscript and get loglines, blurbs, synopsis, and full outlines automatically.

Sudowrite User Experience

Onboarding with Sudowrite is a pretty simple process. It provides an overview of its characteristics using a sample tale. In less than a minute, I was able to use the key functions.

Sudowrite welcome screen

It also has a focus mode and most features require only one or two clicks.

Video of Using SudoWrite

Story #3

Just as a fun experiment, I gave Sudowrite a story idea that I haven’t seen anywhere yet.

I asked Sudowrite to write a romance between a vampire and an AI robot!

Video of using Sudowrite to write a love story between a vampire and an AI robot.

It got off to a good start, but faltered a little in the middle when it thought my AI was a human (Sudowrite was treating it as an AI initially). I gave the story a slight prod to get back on course. And I reached my word limit!

Sadly, I was unable to finish writing my vampire-AI fanfic. Maybe you'll be able to.

Sudowrite Pricing

The basic plan starts at $10 per month (paid annually at $120) and gives 30,000 words/per month. That’s more generous than most other AI writing tools (and other tools don’t even work as well as Sudowrite).

Heads up: The pricing and features are at the time of writing. Please consult the official Sudowrite website for accurate pricing.

You can also explore for free before buying as I did. Sudowrite has a fully featured free trial of 4000 words. I liked the fact that they did not ask for my credit card for the free trial.

Sudowrite pricing plans at the time of writing

You will get 10000 AI words extra if you choose to purchase a paid plan via my referral link.

As per Sudowrite’s official website, you can also upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Who Created Sudowrite? Sci-Fi Writers & Techies.

Sudowrite was founded by Amit Gupta and James Yu, both of whom are writers themselves and come from tech backgrounds. Before starting work on Sudowrite, together they founded a sci-fi writing group called Sudowriters and a zoom book club called Short Story Club.

Source: Sudowriters
Source: Sudowriters

It's obvious when a product's development staff is aware of and concerned with the issues facing its users. The Sudowrite team has been prompt in releasing new features and thoughtful in their responses to consumer comments.

Amit and James solicited input for the direction of Sudowrite from other writers even as they were developing it. The extensive list of brainstorming tools, experimental twists, and AI sudoreader tools all attest to Sudowrite's commitment to storytelling.

What Other Users Are Saying About Sudowrite

I have crosschecked my experience with the experience of other Sudowrite users based on reviews found online (Reddit, author blogs, etc).

Here’s what I found:

  • Joanna Penn, a New York Times best-selling author, featured Sudowrite founder on her Podcast and spoke positively about her experience with the tool.
  • A user compared his experience with Sudowrite and other AI story tools like Novel AI. They liked Sudowrite the best.
Source: reddit, sudowrite vs novel ai u/ednever
  • The majority of raving reviews appreciate Sudowrite's features for:
Brainstorming and describing. In order to compose sensory and visual descriptions, beginning writers have found the Describe tool to be especially helpful.
The creators communicate with users on social media sites like Reddit on a daily basis. Amit (co-founder) frequently provides straightforward answers, even in response to challenging queries.
  • Even some bloggers and reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with Sudowrite's experimental features.
  • Giving users access to test features is, in my opinion, a good thing. It implies that the group constantly works on new projects and incorporates customer feedback at every stage (even experimental).
  • Although they are all in the experimental stage, Twists, TweetStorm, and Canvas most impressed me.
  • Sudowrite is not mobile-friendly, to name a few legitimate complaints.
    > Even while some people like the benefits, they prefer reduced prices.
The yearly plan reduces the base price of $19/month to $10/month. For consumers outside the US, the exchange rate makes it expensive.

Here’s what Amit had to say about pricing:

Sudowrite founder on pricing

Overall, Sudowrite is an AI writing tool created by writers for other writers, and it is obvious that the writing community also adores it based on the number of online reviews it has received.

Can AI Replace Story Writers?

You might start to wonder about the limits of human creativity and the future of AI in narrative after seeing the potential of tools like Sudowrite.

AI will match and even surpass that standard if you restrict the notion of a tale to a sequence of mechanical events. That appears to be already present. But I believe that stories are much more than just a recounting of facts.

A good tale serves as a window into the author's experiences. Every page contains the author's personal motivations and feelings. Readers who enjoy stories have the chance to reflect and feel.

Simply put, AI-written stories aren't ready yet. I think they'll never be, either. AIs frequently come up with good narrative development ideas and have superb word choice. though, with little room for reflection.

Closing Thoughts: Sudowrite Review

The future of writing that I envision is one in which artificial intelligence (AI) aids human authors in advancing their own ideas, or a future in which humans and machines co-create.

For now, I wholeheartedly recommend that you give Sudowrite a try and experience the joy of having a story-writing buddy by your side, 24/7! 🙂

Sudowrite vs Jasper AI: Which is the better AI Storywriter?

Between Jasper and Sudowrite, I liked Sudowrite more for its superior story-writing features.

Sudowrite vs Jasper for Storytelling

With the use of features like brainstorming, show-don't-tell, twist, wormhole, sudoreader feedback, etc., Sudowrite assists authors in resolving frequent problems. Another issue it resolves is writer's block. The goal of Sudowrite is to simplify narrative.

Sudowrite has the impression having been created by writers for writers. Since the founders themselves write science fiction, Sudowrite has improved GPT-3 by utilizing superior narrative training data. The team seems to be in touch with the writing community and its demands.

However, Jasper AI, which is also built on GPT-3, is primarily focused on AI copywriting and sales writing. Jasper is adept at creating intriguing book blurbs, jaw-dropping cliffhangers, and intriguing story hooks, which makes it good at the marketing aspect of storywriting. Jasper may be utilized to create effective author biographies. However, it is significantly more expensive than Sudowrite (Jasper's beginning package starts at USD 40 per month).

Also, I discovered that Jasper AI's tale generation is quite procedural. Using Jasper gave the impression that it was in charge and disregarded my writing voice. In terms of helping the writer compose the story, Sudowrite does a better job and feels more like an AI guide than an AI tool.

Sudowrite Vs ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a $20 monthly fee. Depending on whatever package you choose, Sudowrite costs $10 or $19 per month. Which instrument, besides price, is better for writing narratives?

Simply put, I think Sudowrite is better at writing stories because it has a variety of features designed to make the process simpler. Tools that authors can utilize and do use frequently include Canvas, Brainstorm, Describe, etc.

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a multifunctional chatbot. Indeed, it can write stories, but it is not specifically designed to do so. Although Sudowrite uses enhanced Open AI models, you won't necessarily receive a worse product from Sudowrite.

My advice is to use ChatGPT's free version and purchase Sudowrite if you earn a living writing stories. Most likely, a hobbyist could get by with either.

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What is Sudowrite explained simply?

Sudowrite is an AI writing assistant for fiction authors. Writers can use Sudowrite to create new stories or tweak their existing work. This can be done by feeding the model a “seed” text, such as a few words or a sentence, and then allowing the model to generate the next word or phrase based on the previous words.

Readers also ask:

How long is Sudowrite a free trial?

Sudowrite offers a free trial of 4000 generated words to explore its key features like brainstorming, describing, and rewriting. Users need to sign up using email to try Sudowrite. However, the free trial does not require a credit card.

Are AI generated stories plagiarism free?

AI-generated content is created through the use of machine learning algorithms that analyze patterns in text data, rather than copying and pasting of text. The AI system generates new text, word by word, based on the patterns it has identified in the training data. In such a case, the likelihood of generating is plagiarized content is very low.

Can Sudowrite generate plagiarized content?

The next word or words are generated by Sudowrite AI based on the previous input after it has been trained on a vast corpus of narrative literature. You will receive original content from Sudowrite if you use original text as your input. However, Sudowrite can be pushed to produce non-original content by feeding it text taken verbatim from well-known sources like Harry Potter. For original output, it is advised to utilize Sudowrite with original writing and to double-check the finished product with plagiarism detectors.

Is writing stories with AI ethical?

On the one hand, AI-generated fiction might be viewed as a tool for writers to inspire them and help them overcome writer's block. Using AI to compose stories, however, raises moral questions regarding authorship, originality, authenticity, copyright infringement, and the value of human creativity. One alternative to employing AI material as is is to use it as a helping hand. Also, it might be more morally correct to disclose the usage of AI in your content creation process or choose a different pseudonym.

Can AI write believable stories?

There exist several AI writing tools that are specialized for believable story generation. For example, Sudowrite, Deep Story AI, Novel AI, and Sassbook AI Story Writer.

How do I create an AI story?

Coherent stories based on prompts can be produced using AI story generators. I propose employing AI writing tools trained exclusively on narrative and fictional datasets. It's possible that general-purpose AI writing software or AI copywriting software won't perform well while authoring AI stories. If you are having trouble starting, try coming up with one-line instructions and asking AI for suggestions. Use Sudowrites' brainstorming tool to come up with ideas.

What kinds of stories can I create with AI?

AI story generators can create short stories and even help you write a novel. You can ask the AI to create any genre of story as it is trained on millions of stories of different genres. You can create AI-generated horror stories or funny stories, for example.

What is an AI story generator? How does it work?

An AI story generator is a program that can write stories using artifical intelligence and machine learning technqiues. It is a mathematical model that mimics the structure of a human brain (neural networks). AI story gens are trained on millions of rows of data, telling the ‘program’ what a story looks like. Then the AI learns from this data and is able to create new stories as a human would.

Is there a free AI story generator?

Plot Generator and Sassbook AI story writer are free AI story gens. Sudowrite offers a fully featured trial with 4000 words. Sassbook is the best free ai story generator in my opinion.

Are there AI story generator games?

Video games that use artificial intelligence to create original and dynamic tales are known as AI story generator games. These games generate new plotlines, characters, and events based on the player's decisions and actions using natural language processing and machine learning techniques. Each gameplay is distinct and distinctive because the AI adapts the game's plot in real-time. A well-known AI narrative generation game is Dungeon AI.

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