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Women who've developed cellulite look for ways to reduce cellulite. Even if they regularly exercise and have a pretty good skin structure, even the most beautiful deal with this situation.

Supermodel Tyra Banks speaks about this personal issue from a young age. The connective tissue on her backside produced a less admirable look of cellulite forms and began seeking cellulite treatment. It's not abnormal for most women to store fat tissue in their thighs or bum and experience decreased blood flow along with the reality of skin loses elasticity. What then happens is a cellulite dimple, hence women purchase cellulite treatment.

There are many options on the market: orange peel, acoustic wave therapy, laser treatments, and even vitamins to reduce fat cells. Lump skin and visible cellulite do not always respond to cellulite creams. What will be the final answer to your desires? Most of these treatments come at a high cost!

Forget about expensive and painful cellulite treatments like laser treatments, cellulite creams, cosmetic dermatology, and laser assisted liposuction. Instead check out this noninvasive body contouring therapy that reduces fat cells, helps reduce cellulite, and is one of the most inexpensive ways to get rid of cellulite today!

Introducing Block Therapy

Athletic Therapist and Fluid Isometrics founder Deanna Hansen realized the importance of breath and the need to decompress cellulite and fascia in her own body. She created the ground-breaking, state of the art self-care body and breath-work combination called Block Therapy, successfully healing her self and assisting many others.

How Block Therapy Gets Rid of Cellulite and Pain

Block Therapy uses breath, bodyweight and strategic angles to work the fascia and boost lymphatic drainage. Fascia is a network of connective tissue that runs through your entire body like a web or matrix. It helps support the organs, bones and muscles. A healthy fascia system means less pain in areas like the hips, lower back and neck, as well as improved posture and better flexibility.

Painful Cellulite

Cellulite is created when the fascia becomes dense, dry and sticky from a combination of toxins, poor circulation and dehydration of the tissues. This can cause dimpling or even lumps on your skin. Block Therapy's core movement rehydrates this sticky tissue, releasing toxins which results in smoother, tighter skin.

What Block Therapy Sessions Include

The Block Therapy sessions also include breathing exercises, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching and isometric contractions. This combination helps to move lymphatic fluid and realign the fascia so it’s supple and elastic instead of getting dehydrated and sticky. The result is a body that is healthy and pain free in an incredibly short amount of time.

Block Therapy brings the body back into proper alignment and assists in detoxifying the body.

Pain Is A Signal

It seems the majority of today’s population is living with pain, anxiety, and depression. Prescribing pills to ease the symptoms is the first reaction of many doctors, as they overlook the main cause of our global health crisis.

Many of us lead stressful lives, and our breath is fast and shallow. As a result, there isn’t enough time for the chemical reactions needed for homeostasis and optimal oxygen delivery. When we rush around with a shallow, “fight or flight” breath, the oxygen doesn’t make it to the muscles, organs, tissues efficiently. This results in low energy, constricted blood vessels, shortness of breath, weak immune systems, and mental instability.

Nobody likes pain, and we have been programmed to run away from it. Block Therapy teaches us to embrace pain in the body. Deanna realized that pain is the body’s language, meaning our cells need food, space, flow, and a clean environment. Pain is caused by fascial grips that block blood and energy flow and hold the body out of alignment.

Block Therapy uses a wooden block to find pain (restrictions) and a slow, deep, controlled breath to warm the tissue enough to release them, opening up the flood gates for blood flow. Block Therapy turns the fear of pain into understanding and compassion, and it is the missing link in self-care. Deanna’s book, Unblock Your Body, tells the story of her journey that led to the creation of Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics, and includes mind-blowing testimonials.

More benefits of Block Therapy include:

  • reducing stress
  • boosting your immune system
  • improving your sleep function
  • releasing restrictions in fascia
  • easing muscle tension
  • reducing inflammation and joint pain
  • losing weight

Do It From Anywhere, Anytime

Forget about laser treatment. If you want long lasting cellulite treatments do them yourself and get rid of cellulite for good with block therapy. Block Therapy is a self-care practice that can be used anywhere, anytime, to support your body and mind. It’s simple enough for anyone to learn and can fit into any lifestyle – no matter how busy you are. So if you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, Block Therapy might be the answer you’ve been searching for. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


How do women develop cellulite?

Cellulite dimples is caused by a combination of factors that affect the sticky tissue under your skin, including genetics, hormones, underlying muscle, and lifestyle choices. It occurs when fats deposit themselves too close to the skin's surface and push up against it. As a result, you get an uneven appearance on the affected area — usually on the thighs or buttocks.

What is cellulite pain?

Pain can vary from person to person, but most people describe it as a burning or prickling sensation that is felt when the skin is stretched. It’s typically located in an area where cellulite has formed near connective tissues and can be very uncomfortable. Cellulite pain often worsens with movement, making it difficult to move around without discomfort.

Can block therapy help reduce cellulite?

Yes! Block Therapy is a great way to approach treating cellulite and dimpled skin by releasing fascial restrictions that can contribute to its formation. By using pressure and breathwork techniques, Block Therapy helps promote increased circulation, which encourages detoxification and healing. As the fascia loosens up, the fat deposits become less visible, resulting in a smoother appearance on the affected area. The more you practice Block Therapy, the better your results will be!

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