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Every day, more and more individuals across the world are thinking about how to shield their families and themselves from the hazards of EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation and EMF exposure. A huge awakening is taking place, irregardless of the world health organization having little to say, as people become aware of and learn about all the scientific research connecting this radiation to health effects including cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage (particularly in infants and fetuses), and infertility.

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I use a two-pronged strategy to safeguard myself and my family from EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. First, we use goods that have been scientifically proved to convert dangerous man-made EMF Radiation into a more natural form that is significantly less hazardous to the body because I am aware that I will never bring our exposure to EMF Radiation down to zero in today's world. Second, I still want to keep our exposure to EMF radiation as low as possible, therefore I use a variety of EMF radiation-blocking Faraday-type items in addition to frequently carrying My Balance Card with me.

After learning of all the biological effects radio frequency exposure has on our health, I cannot keep these tools a secret. I'll go through the top ten items that everyone should own to shield their loved ones from EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation in this article. I'll also rank them according to importance.

The 10 Most Important Products For EMF Radiation Protection Are:

The Elink whole house plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring. Also, it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Elink whole house plug works for most homes and offices buildings (up to 5,000 sq.ft). Elink is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA.

2) Faraday WiFi Router Covers

A WiFi router produces a lot of RF Radiation (the most powerful form of EMF Radiation). They operate seven days a week at full power. They are among the biggest RF Radiation Emitters. 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation is blocked when you place your router inside an EMF blocking Faraday, such as the WiFi Router Cover.

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3) Corded Cellphone Headphones With Ferrite Bead

Now the safest type of corded headset is very popular with people concerned about cellphone radiation, and that is called an air tube headset. However even an air tube headsets needs a couple of Ferrite Beads attached to the bottom of the cord for it to totally protect you. I still always keep an Aulterra sticker on each of our phones as well.

I believe you are fine if you add a few Ferrite Beads to the bottom of a typical corded headset as very little EMF Radiation will pass through the cord and reach your body or head. All of the highest frequencies moving up the cord are filtered out by a Ferrite Bead, which functions as a resistor.

4) Radiation Blocking Cellphone Case

A cellphone case that blocks radiation is the third most crucial piece of safety equipment from cell phone radiation and wireless networks. These RadiArmor Sleeves fit all cell phone sizes and most wireless devices! They successfully block a substantial portion of the phone's EMF radiation. It's always suggested to continue to keep an Aulterra sticker on every one of your phones for EMF exposure. And for basic consistency, you should never carry your cellphone in your pocket or hold it high next to your head. Speaker phone is your friend!

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5) Radiation Blocking iPad & Laptop Pad

The next most crucial piece of safety equipment is a set of radiation Defender Pads. Even if your iPad or laptop is on the radiation-blocking pad, I don't advise setting them on your lap because some radiation will still get through the pad by going around and down to your legs and body. That's why your first line of defense for human exposure is always My Balance Card which work harmoniously with the water already in your body. Using the pad makes it much safer.The same blocking material that is used in radiation-blocking mobile covers is also used in these pads. The pads perform a little bit better than the cellphone cases because they have more room for iPads and laptops.

6) Faraday Box For Your Gadgets At Night

This is one thing that many people ignore but is quite important. Sleep is the most crucial time of day to minimize your exposure to EMFs as low as possible. EMF radiation interferes with brain and other neurological activity at that time as our bodies are mending and we sleep for a third of our lives. The Faraday Box blocks EMF from car keys, apple watches, cell phones, and anything else you can fit inside. Place it on a shelf at least four to five feet away and above your head. I don't see any RF radiation coming from it at that distance to where my husband and I sleep. I tested this with the ERICKHILL High Frequency Analyzer, my go-to RF meter.

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7) Smart Meter Faraday Cover

This cover protects 98% of the EMF inside of your home from outside sources. Smart meters are monster radiation emitters. The Smart Meter Guard fits all smart meters in the US and Canada and no assembly is necessary. 

8) Important EMF Radiation Meters

Although Erickson is a top favorite to measure electric and magnetic fields, here are two different types of basic meters. The first, Radio Frequency electromagnetic fields radiation is the most potent type of EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. The second, is a device you can put into a circuit in your house or place of business to measure the amount of unclean energy flowing through each of the building's circuits.

Without these meters to measure them, you really can't tell how serious of an issue you have with RF Radiation or filthy electricity, both of which are highly carcinogenic. People frequently ask about the specific issues they are having with these two forms of radiation and exposure limits. Without measuring their network with a meter to check how far the meter can pick up the signal, there is really no way to adequately respond to questions such as "How far do I need to have my WiFi router from the highly used portions of my home?" The goal is to stay in line with exposure guidelines that come with the instructions on the device itself.

ERICKHILL EMF Meter for high frequency measurements

GQ EMF 390 to measure electric field of small electronic devices

GREENWAVE METER to measure dirty electricity

9) EMF Protective Clothing

These non ionizing radiation protection belly wraps are crucial for expectant mothers because fetus human health are so readily affected by EMF radiation. Our reproductive systems and the DNA in our sperm and eggs rank as the second most crucial components. They also produce EMF-blocking underwear, helpful for those looking to conceive. Additionally, protecting our brains is extremely high on the list of priorities. They produce beds, scarf aprons, shirts, and head gear for EMF protection.

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10) EMF Protection House Paint

EMF Protection House Paint

Please note this EMF blocking or protection paint is grey. It only comes in one color and not many others. So consider this the initial covering. Then you would need to paint whatever color you desired over the priming. This is a very useful tool, however it depends on your circumstances.

A few years back, there was a video that came out about a couple who had a cell tower constructed exactly next to their house. They began to become ill and experience the effects of the radiation, but their city authorities ignored their worries. They painted their entire house using a lot of this paint they had purchased. They even took the roofing off, painted the plywood sheeting underneath, and then put the roofing back on.

They purchased fabric drapery liners and placed them beneath each and every set of curtains in their house to complete their protection. They practically managed to make their home's RF radiation meter read nothing. Even though they were shielded inside their house, they still had to contend with exposure while they were outside in their garden and yard. Although not everyone will require this item, it is crucial to be aware that it is available if you do.

Do Your Own Research

The most crucial thing is for you to educate yourself with further research on all the scientific research with statistically significant evidence that has been done on EMF Radiation and discover how you can protect yourself.

EMF Empowerment is also a crucial resource to boost your knowledge and protection.

If all of these limiting exposure items seem to be a bit much, start with learning about My Balance Card and use it on a regular basis. Once your body begins to harmonize the EMF around you, begin using some of the options above. Then you'll be double and triple protected.

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