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We aim to eliminate the misconception that padel and tennis balls are interchangeable nowadays. Naturally, they are not. And we're here today to alleviate any concerns you might have. We begin by assuming that each sport's rules are different from one another. While having a like form, their traits are distinct in other ways.

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Tennis Rules

According to the tennis rules, the characteristics of the ball must be within the following range:

  • By definition, the ball must have a uniform white or yellow surface. If it has seams, they must be stitchless.
  • The weight of the ball should be between 56.7 and 58.5 grams.
  • The bounce of the ball should not exceed 147 cm and should at least bounce 135 cm.
  • The diameter of the ball must be between 6.35 cm and 6.67 cm.
  • The ball pressure should be 8.165 kg..

Padel Rules and Regulations

The padel ball, on the other hand, must possess certain slightly different qualities. We do not advise using tennis balls to play padel, despite the fact that you can. The qualities that padel balls must possess are as follows:

The ball has to be made of rubber, have a smooth surface, and be either white or yellow in color. We would want to make clear that orange balls marketed in the past were not official balls.
The ball should weigh between 56 and 59.5 grams.
The ideal ball bounce is between 135 and 147 cm.
The diameter must be between 6.35 cm and 6.77 cm and must be greater than 6.35 cm.
The appropriate pressure range is 4.6 to 5.2 kg per 2.54 cm2.


What does all of this amount to? Simple. The padel ball has less pressure and bounces less if the altitude above sea level is ignored. This indicates that the ball does not leave the court with a smooth bounce. Yet, the tennis ball has a larger surface area and higher pressure. The ball comes off the court more readily and plays faster as a result of this, as well as a longer swing, the strings, and the larger surface area of the racket.

We also want to emphasize the distinction between natural and synthetic felt. Natural or synthetic felt can be found on balls, whether they are tennis or padel balls. Depending on the ball type, each of them causes a significant shift in the game.

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