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A hair diffuser is an essential hair accessory to maintain your wavy hair or accentuate natural curls with lively, abundant, and healthy shine.

For those who are unaware, diffusers are prong-equipped hair dryer attachments that disperse hot air. You won't have to worry about it sliding off when you're leaving for work because it clicks on quickly at the end of the dryer. Even some diffusers for hair come in sizes that work with various dryers.

However, to fully explain why a diffuser is essential for your curls as well as how to utilize the attachment, we consulted with a few specialists in the field of hair dryer life and curly hair. Straight hair ladies may be interested to add some wave or reduce frizz. Diffusers do the job!

How to Use a Hair Diffuser

Your hair's length and thickness will determine how you should utilize a blow dryer diffuser. However, Nai'vasha, a famous hairstylist, suggests using the product on microfiber towel dried hair, never soaking wet.

She advises delicately gathering curls and setting them on the blow dryer diffuser's mouth opening when you're ready to go. You'll hold the diffuser close to the head for around five seconds while working with medium to low heat (this is the heat setting she prefers because it simulates air drying) (more if you have thicker curls). The diffuser should then be moved in a circular manner for a further five seconds.

After five seconds of pumping, return and keep the hair dryer diffusers close to your scalp for an additional five seconds before letting go of your perfect curls. Till your hair is dry, repeat this procedure for all areas. Finish off by misting your curls with a finishing hair spray.

Irinel de León, a fellow celebrity hairstylist, advises that you shouldn't cup the hair into the diffuser for too long if you want your curls to appear longer. However, if you want shorter, bouncy curls, she advises cupping your hair into the diffuser for around 30 seconds. She also advises flipping hair upside down and using an up-and-down motion with the diffuser to cup your curls with a wide tooth comb for 30 seconds at a time in order to add more body and volume.

Additionally, keep in mind that moisture is essential when using a hair dryer diffuser. She advises applying moisturizing and holding hair products. She prefers to use a leave-in conditioner first, then a moisturizing cream, and then a gel to seal in the moisture.

The Benefits of Using Hair Diffusers

According to Nai'vasha, a diffuser is made to disperse hot air from your blowdryer so that less frizz forms. A diffuser, in De Leon's opinion, can enhance curl definition overall, encourage natural drying, and draw attention to the natural curl pattern. It also helps shield hair from heat damage because it utilizes less heat. It therefore does everything for those natural curls.

Diffusers are curly hair's best friends, according to Nai'vasha. It prevents frizz, expedites drying, and promotes chunky pieces. Regular drying sessions have the tendency to dry out the hair and straighten the curls.

What to Look for When Using a Diffuser

You can pick a diffuser attachment that works best for your wet hair because they come in a variety of sizes and are widely available these days. If you need some help, Nai'vasha advises searching for a diffuser that is on the larger side and has more wide prongs; she notes that this will hasten the drying process and enable airflow to move farther throughout your hair to enlist perfect curls.

She prefers diffusers with lots of prongs and air outlets, like the T3 SoftTouch 3 Diffuser, which she claims has both to hasten the drying process. She also likes the YS Park Ion Diffuser, which she describes as her favorite since it folds, is portable, and employs ion technology to mimic the effects of conventional diffusers with pronged nozzles while preserving the shape of your curls. De León recommends the Dyson Diffuser that clips on to the Dyson Hair Dryer because it has lengthy prongs that may penetrate deep into the hair and give you more control over curl styling.

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