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NYX's Bare With Me Concealer Serum

NYX combines skin care with cosmetics at an absurdly low cost. These hybrid products with complexion-friendly ingredients are normally found in the luxury market, but this stuff? It is not only a superbly hydrating concealer, but it is also inexpensive and accessible at the drugstore.

This water-based liquid concealer, which comes in 13 hues, blends flawlessly with or without foundation and is a dream for dryer skin types. One of the main elements in the mixture, tremella mushroom, is referred regarded be the "hyaluronic acid of the mushroom world" since it can store 500 times its weight in water (hello, hydration). Other notables include green tea, which provides antioxidant protection and hydration while battling inflammation, and cica (also known as Centella Asiatica) extract, which calms skin and reduces redness.

I covered the inherited black bags beneath my eyes with concealer. We're dealing with the context of someone once asking me if I had black eyes when they saw me without concealer. Because caking, creases, and dryness may all visibly "age" the delicate skin, the periorbital zone, often known as the area under your eyes, tends to be an area in which the improper concealer can be extremely visible. Finding a concealer with enough moisture is essential to overcoming this. This one is ideal because it covers this area of my face sufficiently and applies as smoothly as a skin-care serum.

How is a Concealer Serum Different?

A skincare item called a concealer serum is made to help cover up facial flaws like age spots, pimples, and dark circles. Contrary to conventional concealers, which are sometimes heavy and thick, concealer serums are frequently light and made with skincare components that support the hydration and nourishment of the skin. They are therefore a great choice for people who want to hide flaws while also enhancing the general condition and appearance of their skin.

Often, concealer serums are packaged in little, carry-around bottles with precise application applicators. To achieve a flawless and natural-looking complexion, they can be used alone or in conjunction with other makeup items like foundation and powder. Some concealer serums also contain SPF to offer more defense from the sun's damaging effects.

My Outcome

I've used the cream on my nose's rosacea-caused redness, pimples, and dark bags under my eyes, and it handled each area well. Bonus: I appreciate that I can use the concealer alone without feeling the need to apply a complete face of makeup. It has such a natural finish and glides into the skin so effortlessly that I don't feel the need to use foundation (score). A little mascara, cheek color, and lip gloss later, and I was good to go. It's a great everyday concealer for a makeup-free appearance, but it could also be used to add complete glam.

Raving Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it: reviewers are raving about this stuff (it’s got thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon alone). One user even called it “Life changing,” and a “new holy grail,” saying that until Bare With Me was in the picture, “I have never been able to get a concealer that actually concealed my extremely dark circles.” Another says, “This is by FAR the best concealer I've EVER had the pleasure of using.”

Although I've had success with a shade match, other people seem to have trouble with the undertone or shade range limitations. But, if you succeed in finding a match, you have won the golden concealer ticket.

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