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Using a hot curling iron brush is conceivably the quickest way to add curls to any type of hair irregardless of hair textures or whether you use a blow dry. The market is filled with a wide variety of makes and models, making it challenging to pick the best one.

Instead of spending a considerable lot collecting trendy curling iron brush models, our team of hair stylists has done the legwork and chosen the top three.

Here are the top curling brushes, along with a description of each one's advantages and our opinions. Read through before making your decision, and perhaps you'll soon have the long-lasting curls you desire.

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CHI Amplitude Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Round Brush

Best curly hair brush number one is from the renowned Chi brand works wonders for adding body and volume while producing curls with a smooth appearance.

As long as you use it properly, it shouldn't harm your hair because it is constructed of ceramic and tourmaline, which is an excellent heat conductor and provides incredibly equal heat distribution.

It whips away frizz and produces lustrous locks thanks to negative ion technology. It also keeps hair well moisturized because it traps moisture. Expect hair that shines beautifully and looks healthy.

The 1.25" barrel on this model, which has a thermal protection sleeve, works well with hair that is similar in length and thickness. Please take note that this should not be used on damp or wet hair.

Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush

Best curly hair brush two is one of my favorite products for hair aficionados on a tight budget is this heated Conair style brush. This little item, a 1 14" heated styling brush, is dependable.

In other words, it doesn't have the same fancy heat-conducting characteristics that some of the more expensive versions tout. The drawback is that you might encounter more hot patches or uneven temperatures because it's created from a more modest blend of chromium, nickel, copper, and steel.

It includes 25 heat settings, a cool tip so you don't burn your fingers when styling, and is even dual voltage for simple travel, but for the low price, it's still quite difficult to match.

Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush

Best curly hair brush number three is yet another top seller from the renowned Revlon line. It has a silicone brush with bendable bristles that move while you style and provides even heating for less harm to your hair and lots of gorgeous shine.

One inch in diameter, the barrel has two heat settings and an indicator light that lets you know when the tool is turned on.

There will be no scorched fingers because the tip is cool to the touch. There are no natural boar bristles. Although it is a fantastic curling iron, having only two heat settings is a little drawback. Even so, it is a fantastic value for a useful small style tool.

What Is A Hot Curling Iron Brush?

The heated brush is exactly what it sounds like—a hot curling iron brush. It's a heated hair item that resembles a brush and curls hair textures.

The handle features switches that control the heated brush temperature and speed in addition to having bristles (or ceramic teeth) that give it the appearance of a brush.

Right now, certain hot curling iron brushes differ from others. While some may only be used on hair that's dried, others can style and dry hair simultaneously. Hot air brushes are typically used to describe those that can also dry hair.

It's crucial that you pick the appropriate one for the job at hand; don't mix them up!

How Does A Hot Curling Iron Brush Work?

You must have already dried your hair if you want to use the curling iron brush that only curls—it doesn't blow hot air. Once it's heated up, use the brush to curl a piece of your hair after plugging it in and selecting the temperature you want.

While using a hot air brush, a type of curling iron brush that dries your hair as it curls, you use it somewhat similarly to a hairdryer to style your hair as hot air is blown via vented channels down the middle of the barrel.

With every brush, distinctive loose curls results. While a hairdryer brush produces loads of body and volume to create large, bouncy curls, a hot curling iron brush that styles hair that's dry will generate quite a defined curl.

Will A Hot Curling Iron Brush Damage My Hair?

It's the big question! Any heated styling equipment handled carelessly or carelessly could cause damage to your hair. However, if you take precautions to safeguard your hair from heat and use the tool at the right temperature for your hair type, you shouldn't cause any harm.

Avoid using heated styling tools excessively on your hair and avoid repeatedly going over the same region because doing so weakens the hair and can cause split ends and breakage.

If you frequently use hot styling equipment as a detangling brush or to produce loose curls, using a heat protectant serum is an excellent addition to your hair cuticle routine.

Notable Features and Options

You can get a wide variety of functions depending on the detangling brush hot curling iron brush you select. First, as was already mentioned, there are heated curling irons that style and dry hair simultaneously, as well as those that only produce defined curls and can only be used on already dried hair. The most crucial choice is which of them you require! But, there are also a lot of additional things to watch out for, such as curly detangling brush credit and a whole lot more! A couple of the features are as follows...

Rotating Barrel

They are the warm curling iron brushes that style and dry out the hair simultaneously. Air is skillfully blown from numerous directions by the revolving barrel, giving hair a lot of body and volume.

Although the revolving barrels are a great feature, they are difficult to master. The secret is to learn yourself not to move the barrel manually and to let the styling tool handle the task. It takes time, but once you figure it out, you'll definitely see the advantages!

Ionic Technology

Because it eliminates the positive ions present in damp or wet hair, this sort of technology reduces the issue of flyaway hair and also tames frizz.

These ions are what cause frizz in hair, and utilizing ionic technology, they are changed into negative ions to eliminate frizz.

Bristle Quality

In curling iron brushes, there are typically two types of bristles: conventional, flexible bristles and ceramic coated bristles. Both of these are intended to perform distinct tasks.

Bristles with a ceramic coating conduct heat better than those without. Heat is used to style the coated bristles, giving you the ability to produce curls with more definition.

While you style your hair, the common nylon bristles act as a holding mechanism. Yet, the curling iron brush's own body generates heat. Only the body of the curling brush is heated; not the bristles.

Barrel Size

Curling iron brushes come in various sizes. This is crucial since you must select the right size for your hair type and desired curl pattern appearance. Some want wavy hair and others have thicker hair and want to curl hair to tight ringlets.

For instance, select a narrow 1-inch barrel if you have short hair or want to make little curls. Use a 1.5 inch barrel for hair that is mid-length, and a larger 2-inch barrel for hair that is long or thick.

You won't be able to utilize a 2" barrel adequately if you have short hair since it won't be long enough to properly wrap around the tool.

Curling Iron Heat Resistant Silicone Mats and Covers

Some curling iron brushes have heat-resistant silicone mats or sleeves that keep the irons safe when not in use.

As I style my hair, I also prefer to use these mats to shield my bathroom sink from heat burns. These mats are helpful for transporting my styling supplies as well.

Hot Curling Iron Holder

I keep my curling iron in my bathroom on a silicone curling iron holder because of how hot some of these gadgets can get. It keeps me organized and stops my hand or arm from inadvertently brushing up to the tool before it has cooled down.

Understanding the Different Materials

Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium are the three main types of materials used to make curling iron brushes. These materials have many characteristics and are all effective heat conductors, but they also differ significantly in some important ways.


Ceramic efficiently retains heat and typically disperses it quite evenly. But, once porcelain is cracked or damaged, it exposes "hot zones" that, when activated, heat to extremely high degrees and harm hair.

Ceramic is still a fantastic option, but you'll need to take care to maintain the curling brush in excellent shape to get the finest results.


On the other hand, titanium heats up more quickly than ceramic and distributes heat very evenly. There won't be any hot or cold patches, and the luster is superior to ceramic.

Due to its complete lack of corrosion, titanium becomes a fantastic long-term investment. If you have extremely coarse, thick, and unmanageable hair, it's a good bet because of how strong it is.


Tourmaline is particularly effective at controlling frizz and flyaways because it naturally produces negative ions.

If you already have dry, brittle, or chemically treated hair, this material isn't the ideal choice because it heats to extremely high temperatures. Nonetheless, you shouldn't have any issues using tourmaline curling iron brushes if you have fine, undamaged hair.

Also keep in mind that tourmaline ages more quickly than titanium and ceramic.

Regardless of the material you choose, keep in mind that even if your hair is in fantastic condition, you still run the danger of harming it if you don't take the proper precautions.

Thus, always apply a decent heat protection spray and adjust the temperature to your hair type (low for fine or chemically treated or damaged hair, higher for thicker hair). For every type of hair, there is no need to utilize the highest temperature.

The Difference Between a Curling Iron and Curling Iron Brush

First off, they don't look the same. There have been conventional curling irons on the market for a very long time. They operate differently in that you wrap your hair around the bristle-free iron before curling a bit of it with a second piece that is clamped down.

A curling brush iron resembles a typical curling brush but lacks the second clamp piece (except it is controlled electronically and heats up).

Depending on whether you're using a hot air brush or a standard curling iron brush, you wound your hair around the barrel to get the desired curl.

The hot air brush styles hair as it dries, allowing it to be used on towel-dried hair while the standard curling iron brush defines curls on previously dry hair.

A defined curl can be produced using both a conventional curling iron and a heated curling iron brush. The curling iron brush's more recent technology is safer and kinder to use on hair, nevertheless.

Curling Brush Vs. Rollers

These two are utterly dissimilar. Hair rollers function by wrapping portions of hair around various-sized barrel-shaped components as the hair dries (either using cool rollers or heated rollers). This may require some time and produce looser curls.

By winding hair around a barrel with heated bristles, curling iron brushes produce curls in a matter of seconds. The hot air-emitting curling brush iron brushes also dry hair, resulting in huge curls as opposed to defined curls.

Although traditional heated rollers and "cold" rollers still have their uses, they are dated. Simply put, modern tools are more effective.

Curling Iron Brush Vs. Curling Tong

A curling tong or wand is a thin, bristle-free barrel, and it is the barrel that warms up. You wind dry hair around the barrel, hold a curl for a brief period of time, and then let it go for a certain type of curl pattern.

The way the curling brush works is different; it has bristles that grasp hair, which you coil around, curl upwards, hold for a short while, and then let go of the curl.

Both methods will likely provide results that are comparable, but an iron brush is better for hair because it emits heat through the bristles rather than by using a hot wand directly on the hair.

How To Use A Curling Iron Brush

  1. Start with dry hair.
  2. Spray hair liberally with hair protecting spray.
  3. Divide hair into sections.
  4. Heat up your curling iron brush to desired temperature as you would a blow dryer.
  5. Unwind first section (best from the back) and wind the hair round the brush as far as you can go. Keep hair wide for looser curls, tight for tighter curls.
  6. Hold for just a few seconds with the curling brush iron.
  7. Release hair.
  8. Pin it back to head to define the curl.
  9. Repeat over entire head.
  10. Release curls.
  11. Finish with some serum.

How to Use a Curly Hair Brush (Blow Drying Hot Air Brush)

  1. Start with freshly washed hair. Brush curly hair wet.
  2. Towel dry.
  3. Comb out.
  4. Apply heat protection spray.
  5. Divide hair into sections.
  6. Switch curling iron round brush so it blows hot air like a blow dryer.
  7. Style hair as if you are using a manual curling brush (no hairdryer required).

Remember to use the right barrel size according to your hair type for curly detangling brush effect. That means small curly hair brush for tighter curls and shorter curly hair brush for shorter hair, bigger brush for more voluminous curls and longer, thicker hair.

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