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Learn the basics of human design in this article and then jump back here to dive deeper into human design gate gene key 49. Following your strategy and authority within human design will provide ease and gene keys will follow in a harmonizing way.

Human Design Gate

A human design gate is also called a key and it carries with it information about our genetic makeup and spiritual identity. We can use these gene keys to understand our purpose, potential, destiny, gifts, and even our shadow qualities. Understanding this enables us to make the most out of life; know what kind of decisions to take, how we should behave in relationships, and how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The Gene Keys offer a profound insight into the energetic pattern of life, allowing us to tap into its hidden potentials, align ourselves with the universal laws, and create a life that is in harmony with our true nature - which is what human design is all about. By exploring the 66 gene keys or human design gate, we can understand how to unlock our highest potential for evolution, and how to create a life of self-expression, fulfillment, and abundance.

The human design gate, or Gene Keys, can open up a wealth of opportunity for you to discover who you are and create an unlimited future all the while trusting your inner knowing.

“We see the early stages of this new order emerging around us, even as the old models crumble. The 49th Siddhi is giving rise to this rebirth. Rebirth means that what comes bears no resemblance to what came before. And when we awaken, that which we become is not like that which we were - the indwelling consciousness is completely different.

Once you’ve remembered, forgetting is gone – forever. We still have to live, and do the same things, but the indwelling consciousness is completely different. To dare to be chosen is a paradox. We don’t choose, so how can we dare? We simply have to dare to be reborn.” ~ Dare to be Divine

Programming Partner Gene Key 4: Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness

The 49th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Reaction to the Siddhi of Rebirth: Way of Revolution

The purpose of the 49th Gene Key is to transform humanity. It's establishing a brand-new internal setting for the remarkable to happen, such as an ailing business suddenly successful. We simply are unable to grasp the magnitude of the impending transformation within our new inner environment. It enters us through the love we feel in our hearts. Therefore, all we truly need to know is that the cosmos is made entirely of compassion. We are God's breath, the scent the stars left on each and every cell. And once we've experienced it, we'll never forget it.

Shadow of Reaction: Reaping the Whirlwind

This 49th Key evokes strong feelings. Our relationships are governed by "reactionary patterns," as the phrase goes. They continue to make us fight. And our deepest "physical demands," such as those for food, sex, and external love, are the "dilemma" of this shadow. They resemble hidden trip wires. They raise anticipations that leave people feeling let down. And everything is a lie! After all, we were the ones who initially put them there.

You will always be a captive of the 49th shadow if you continue to view your own people as virtuous and others as bad. Without even a hint of awareness, your life and the choices that affect it will unquestionably be controlled by your unfiltered emotions. So, face love head-on with no fear. Remember that you and everything of creation are made of pure light.

Gift of Revolution: The Silent One

Instead of becoming a victim of our needs, freedom is found in accepting them in our new inner environment. The wants inside of us become more apparent as we start to understand the genuine nature of our desires. We experience a miraculous purging of the emotional system. Pure wants are separated from those that are impure, unnecessary, and harmful to our wellbeing.

In order to achieve balance in a person's life, outdated genetic patterns must be eliminated. Find your reactionary patterns with a new cutting through awareness. Then cut them off as soon as you see them. Pull the roots out. And over time, you'll start to experience a different sort of existence, and a quiet revolution will occur within you.

Siddhi of Rebirth: The New Human

The theme of the 49th Siddhi is universal awakening cutting through awareness. It starts with the person. It spreads to our families, then to our relationships, and then to society. Every time someone starts to awaken, they start to stand out in the group. They develop into an artistic renegade. Additionally, their metamorphosis is electrifying and contagious. A magical event is precisely what is taking place at a magical moment in time.

You won't be doing this alone if you are among those who are awakening life forms, which you are. You move like a wind. And others will be drawn into the same storm by using you as a force. We will exist in a higher element, with a different DNA structure, and a collective awareness. This is the storm of our impending rebirth. It will disperse like wildfire. This 49th Siddhi is intended to that end.

The above summary is originated from Richard Rudd's profound work at www.genekeys.com and synopsis from Glenda Hilsenteger at https://ghilsenteger.com

For a more information, go to www.genekeys.com or order the Gene Keys Book.

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