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Learn the basics of human design in this article and then jump back here to dive deeper into human design gate gene keys 46. Following your strategy and authority within human design will provide ease and gene keys will follow in a harmonizing way.

Human Design Gate

A human design gate is also called a key and it carries with it information about our genetic makeup and spiritual identity. We can use these gene keys to understand our purpose, potential, destiny, gifts, and even our shadow qualities. Understanding this enables us to make the most out of life; know what kind of decisions to take, how we should behave in relationships, and how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The Gene Keys offer a profound insight into the energetic pattern of life, allowing us to tap into its hidden potentials, align ourselves with the universal laws, and create a life that is in harmony with our true nature - which is what human design is all about. By exploring the 66 gene keys or human design gate, we can understand how to unlock our highest potential for evolution, and how to create a life of self-expression, fulfillment, and abundance.

The human design gate, or Gene Keys, can open up a wealth of opportunity for you to discover who you are and create an unlimited future all the while trusting your inner knowing.

“Life is a box of delights, and delight invokes Grace! The 46th Gene Key is about loving our physical vehicle and enjoying the ride of our life... Over time, we'll all get to re-experience some of the challenges we encountered during our childhood. They arise again to help us re-imprint the way our cells were first imprinted. They offer us an opportunity to lay down a new copy of ourselves in our DNA, and the key building block is the energy of delight.” ~ The Gene Keys Book

Programming Partner Gene Key 25: Constriction - Acceptance - Universal Love

The 46th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Seriousness to the Siddhi of Ecstasy: Way of Delight

The 46th Key reflects the period of childhood development from birth to age seven. It controls how the internal organs and physical body evolve. The energy of delight is the main component of this stage. The good news is that everyone possesses a genius for delight. The freedom that results from an understanding of the richness of life is delight.

Shadow of Seriousness: Hides Good Fortune

How immersed we are in life's drama and sorrow determines how serious we are. Whether we are talking about science, politics, service, or religion, we frequently get mired in our own present moment earnestness. The worst part about that is that it interferes with friendship. It hinders enjoyment, play, exploration, and most importantly, delight. Forgetting our eternal essence entails assuming a profound level of constraint that conceals the joy we human beings are here to experience.

Gift of Delight: Richness of Life

Anyone, regardless of whether they have the 46th Key in their profile, can access the synchronicity energy field. And delight is the only requirement for utilizing synchronicity. To put it another way, you need to be willing to be surprised, let go of where you want your life to go, and have faith in a power greater than yourself.

Delight is the sense of freedom that emerges from an appreciation of the richness of being alive. Nothing really matters but life and love. It’s time to enjoy life’s small pleasures and relax in your own body – no matter how life appears to be. The less seriously one takes life, the easier it becomes to get out of your own way and allow life’s delightful surprises to lead you in the perfect way and time. Time to let go of the past, release all agendas, and keep your mind as open as your heart.  ~ R Aronson

Siddhi of Ecstasy: The Wonder of Play

Only when our inner being is finally at rest, or when it is playing, can ecstasy occur. Then it can come see you. It starts when we develop deep, relaxed, open breathing. The softness of existence might then come closer to us.

There are lifestyles that life takes to lost time: simply sitting, having just enough to meet our basic needs, existing as a unit. Chatting, laughing, and consuming tea. Being silent outside under the sky. We'll go back to those days one day.

Contemplation: Emanating Life Through You

The 46th Key is asking you if you feel safe being present in your body...

* If not, what is it you most need, so you can embrace and love your physical body fully?

* What if you chose to have more fun in life? To be curious and explore more? To belly laugh, and share your delight with others more?

* Just imagine shaking off all constrictions and being free to live life richly... Just feel into how that would feel within your beautiful heart…

The above summary is originated from Richard Rudd's profound work at www.genekeys.com and synopsis from Glenda Hilsenteger at https://ghilsenteger.com

For a more information, go to www.genekeys.com or order the Gene Keys Book.

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