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Learn the basics of human design in this article and then jump back here to dive deeper into human design gate 43. Following your strategy and authority within human design will provide ease and gene keys will follow in a harmonizing way.

Human Design Gate

A human design gate is also called a gene key and it carries with it information about our genetic makeup and spiritual identity. We can use these keys to understand our purpose, potential, destiny, gifts, and even our shadow qualities. Understanding this enables us to make the most out of life; know what kind of decisions to take, how we should behave in relationships, and how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The Gene Keys offer a profound insight into the energetic pattern of life, allowing us to tap into its hidden potentials, align ourselves with the universal laws, and create a life that is in harmony with our true nature - which is what human design is all about. By exploring the 66 gene keys or human design gate, we can understand how to unlock our highest potential for evolution, and how to create a life of self-expression, fulfillment, and abundance.

The human design gate, or Gene Keys, can open up a wealth of opportunity for you to discover who you are and create an unlimited future all the while trusting your inner knowing.

“Life is a mystery in which chance and love are dancing together. The more you allow love, the more chance appears to work in your favor. When you love totally, even chance is shown to be an illusion and the underlying cosmic geometry is revealed behind all things. It is only then that your timing becomes perfect and that which appears to be random is understood as an aspect of the holographic universe unfolding its myth through your life.” ~ The Gene Keys book

Programming Partner Gene Key 23: Complexity – Simplicity - Quintessence

The 43rd Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Deafness to the Siddhi of Epiphany: Way of Insight

The heart-mind is symbolized by the 43rd Gene Key. Breakthrough comes from the heart, from the core of who we are. Since genius is inclusive rather than exclusive, insight always involves the entire being. A creative rebel also disregards all manners while remaining polite and respectful; they don't fear society or its projections. This is not a violent uprising. It's a joyful rebellion.

Shadow of Deafness: Dilemma of ‘Knowing and Not Knowing’

We humans spend our lives trying to accomplish an ever-growing list of obligations. And before we arrive, the day has already passed. We're too worn out to truly enjoy the beauty around us since the list goes on forever. This exercise has rendered us deaf. It would make a huge difference in our lives if we could simply embrace a little bit more "not knowing." It's actually in our nature to "not know." It is the source of our genius. It allows us to create breakthroughs in a fertile soil.

Inherent uncertainty exists throughout life. The future cannot be known by us. So why not give up? A breakthrough could occur... Furthermore, a breakthrough is far superior to a breakdown. We are unable to avoid breakthrough. The ultimate innovation is death. As a result, we must renounce our life of knowledge: doing what is right, having good manners, and also understanding how to get there.

Gift of Insight: Creative Rebel

You must stop hunting for enlightenment because it can only be encountered unexpectedly. Just let everything proceed in a natural process, at its own pace, and without interference. Be willing to dwell in the ambiguity and pause more frequently. A genuine pause has no goal. It is a void. And our routines, such as turning on the TV or the music or checking our emails or sending a text, are anxious to fill the void. Do whatever it takes to break the stillness of "not knowing." Consequently, we miss out on all of our day's wonderful moments.

The 43rd gift's nature is that of an "inner" rebel, from the mind, a renegade. Therefore, ignore anything the mind tries to convince you. Also, avoid letting your expectations silence you. They only commit a repressive nature. The innovative rebel plans for breakthrough and thinks outside the box. It's all about simplicity and effectiveness. You don't waste time pretending to be someone you are not. You don't adhere to another person's agenda. True wisdom simplifies life, not making it more complicated. Funny thing is, the more advanced we get, the easier we make life forms for ourselves. It appears to be a mysterious formula.

Siddhi of Epiphany: Beyond Destiny

With the Siddhi, we revert to the individual human spirit, our regular selves. We are aware that everything in life has its own timing and nature. A breakthrough could happen at any time and alter our course. It doesn't really alter, though. Just a paradox, really. That's how life was meant to be.

The purpose of the 43rd Siddhi is to cure the vast cosmic wound of rejection, which is one of the fundamental archetypal anxieties ingrained in human beings psyche: being left out, being abandoned, and being shunned. We can't trust one another because of this dread. This dread closes our hearts, keeps our borders secure, and keeps the races apart. Ah, the paradox of true insight and ignorance.

The Practice of Pausing: “As you practice pausing over time, sooner or later you will experience a rush of Insight. It may come suddenly, or well up gradually. Yet it has a powerful impact on your mind. It tends to free you from limited ways of thinking, and opens up new ways of seeing yourself in the world.” ~ R Rudd

Pause and Ask Yourself:

* Did I allow the genius of my heart-mind to lead today? Or, did my endless 'To Do List' and expectations deafen and exhaust me? What keeps me from embracing my heart?

* Do I trust that my ideas are valuable and precious, and that the Universe supports me? What will it take for me to recognize that I AM enough 'now', just as I AM?

* Write down a list of all the things you 'think you know' in a day. Then, try a day of 'unknowing'... and notice how you feel in each of those days.

The above summary is originated from Richard Rudd's profound work at www.genekeys.com and synopsis from Glenda Hilsenteger at https://ghilsenteger.com

For a more information, go to www.genekeys.com or order the Gene Keys Book.

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