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Learn the basics of human design in this article and then jump back here to dive deeper into gene keys 35. Following your strategy and authority within human design will provide ease and gene keys will follow in a harmonizing way.

Human Design Gate

A human design gate is also called a gene key and it carries with it information about our genetic makeup and spiritual identity. We can use these keys to understand our purpose, potential, destiny, gifts, and even our shadow qualities. Understanding this enables us to make the most out of life; know what kind of decisions to take, how we should behave in relationships, and how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The Gene Keys offer a profound insight into the energetic pattern of life, allowing us to tap into its hidden potentials, align ourselves with the universal laws, and create a life that is in harmony with our true nature - which is what human design is all about. By exploring the 66 gene keys we can understand how to unlock our highest potential for evolution, and how to create a life of self-expression, fulfillment, and abundance.

The human design gate, or Gene Keys, can open up a wealth of opportunity for you to discover who you are and create an unlimited future all the while trusting your inner knowing.

“No mind will ever solve the mysteries of the universe – of time and space – because mind is only a tiny facet within those mysteries. The heart, or heart-mind, is the only aspect within a human being that can unlock the mystery of boundlessness. So, the 35th Siddhi can tell us only one thing – that pure unconditional love can break all the laws of the cosmos. And then, whenever you taste even a fraction of this kind of love, anything becomes possible.” ~ The Gene Keys Book

The 35th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Hunger to the Siddhi of Boundlessness: Way of Adventure

Programming Partner Gene Key 5: Impatience – Patience – Timelessness

Few people can comprehend the idea of limitlessness. It calms our minds by dispersing them. It asks us to enter our hearts rather than our intellect til essentially our human spirit breaks free. Since the heart truly knows no boundaries, consciousness and love are synonyms. We must release ourselves from the "beliefs and limits" that the outside world and others around us have placed on us in order to trigger miracles (grateful insights).

Shadow of Hunger: The Hunger of the Species

The origins of the 35th shadow lie in the primitive biological drives that have ruled our planet for centuries; passion, dread, and hunger. These are the beast's drivers who create the shadowy terrain. Hunger for food, thirst for liquids, thirst for strength, thirst for an escape, and thirst for forgetting what we've done. Hunger for coziness, love, aesthetics, authenticity, and connection; a thirst for God. Pure, unadulterated hunger.

Each of us has a human spirit hunger that won't leave us alone. But suffering isn't the only aspect of it. Hunger can also be pleasant; it can be tasted, endured, and appreciated. It may help us gain perspective. We are all made of hunger. Also, it pulls us closer.

Gift of Adventure:  Inner Space – The Final Frontier

New possibilities are regularly presented to us by life in an effort to expose our shadows. And you don't have to stay away from your shadows; just use it sparingly. This may even enable you to adopt a new way of thinking. In order to find out where life really wants to lead you, stretch out across the chasms. Your life will become an adventure every day as a result. And trying new things isn't the only aspect of this. It involves going about your daily activities in a different way, one that is more open and not solely motivated by hunger.

We recognize the hunger anyway since it persists. We also let it penetrate our life as human beings and bring us nearer to things. to increase the intimacy of the circle that surrounds our existence. Therefore, let adventure guide you. We are here because of it.

The Siddhi of Boundlessness: Back Door into Bliss

A single key within the Codon Ring of Miracles, the 35th Gene Key sits apart like an island. It is hungry because it is alone, which motivates us to connect. It is also the only gene key that has a direct passage from shadow to Siddhi.

There is a connection between the Siddhi of Boundlessness and the potential for flight. The environment of flight is limitless. And as we go towards our greatest journey, our personal contemplation hearts are the wings that will one day enable that. Flying is our obsession as humans. to ascend into the heavens and merge with God; to soar across existence's heavens like a bird. Simply let go of the intensity, ferocity, and gravity of your life's sound and fury. Take a seat and glance out the window. Look up at the avian population.

The above summary is originated from Richard Rudd's profound work at www.genekeys.com and synopsis from Glenda Hilsenteger at https://ghilsenteger.com

For a more information, go to www.genekeys.com or order the Gene Keys Book.

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