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Learn the basics of human design in this article with your free gene keys profile, and then jump back here to dive deeper into gene keys 1. Following your strategy and authority within human design will provide ease and gene keys will follow in a harmonizing way.

Gene Key 2: Unity
Do you have gene key 2 in your human design chart? Read more on how to align to your highest self.
Gene Key 3: Letting Change In
Do you have gene key 3 in your human design chart? Read more on how to align to your inner child.
Gene Key 4: Stop Needing To Know
Does your human design chart light up on gene key 4? Take a look at what that means for you and how you can benefit.
Gene Key 5: Eternity
Does your human design chart light up on gene key 5? See the power of knowing in this key.
Gene Key 6: Path to Peace
Does your human design chart light up on gene key 6? See the pathway to peace in this key.

Human Design Gate

A human design gate is also called a gene key guide and it carries with it information about our genetic makeup and spiritual identity. We can use these keys to understand our purpose, potential, destiny, gifts, and even our shadow qualities. Understanding this enables us to make the most out of life; know what kind of decisions to take, how we should behave in relationships, and how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The Gene Keys in human design offer a profound insight into the energetic pattern of life, allowing us to tap into its hidden potentials, align ourselves with the universal laws, and create a life that is in harmony with our true nature - which is what human design is all about. By exploring the 66 gene keys we can understand how to unlock our highest potential for evolution, and how to create a life of self-expression, fulfillment, and abundance.

The human design gate, or Gene Keys, can open up a wealth of opportunity for you to discover who you are and create an unlimited future all the while trusting your inner knowing.

Gene Key 7: True Leadership
Gene key 7 is about leadership and stepping into the power within your energy field.
Gene Key 8: Authentic
Get to know gene key 8 if it’s in your human design chart!
Gene Key 9: Determination
Investigate on Gene Key 9 if it is in your Human Design Chart!
Gene Key 10: Right Now
Gene Key 10 is right here right now! Discover the gift of organic moments. Does your human design chart have GK10?
Gene Key 11: Counter Popular Opinion
Gene Key 11 ties a goal in and goes after it regardless of the outside world. Check our your human design chart and dive in!

"The true meaning of freshness is to be a clear vessel for the creative process. Then evolution can move through us, and we can discover a permanent state of love, beauty, and unity. The first gene key in the 'book of life', that's inside each of us, is dedicated to creativity. We are designed to overcome the shadow states within us so that our true genius can emerge. Only then can we add our spirit to the world." - Gene Keys Book

Gene Key 12: Pure Heart
Is Gene Key 12 in your human design chart? Take a look at the power of your pure heart here.
Gene Key 13: Listening Through Love
Do you have gene key 13 in your human design profile? Listening Through Love is a powerful gene key to harness in life.
Gene Key 14: Radiating Prosperity
Do you have gene key 14 in your human design? The path of radiating prosperity!
Gene Key 15: Eternal Flowering Spring
Do you have gene key 15 in your human design profile? Generous and colorful, making things better for everybody.

The 1st Gene Key

Dislocation – Orientation – Unity

The 1st Gene Key (the primary code for all creative life in the universe) holds the secret to harnessing creativity. The 1st shadow of Entropy is an extremely fertile state of awareness. Entropy and creativity play out in the universe in an eternal dance of duality. Entropy is the ‘black hole’ to creativity’s ‘white hole’. The yin and the yang. For the Creative, life is either fully engaged or completely at rest.

Gene Key 16: Excellence
Gene Key 16 is all about excellence and mastering indifference. Take a peak into your human design gene key.
Gene Key 17: Eye of Grace
Gene Key 17 is through graciousness to see with eyes that change perspective.
Gene Key 18: Healing Power of the Mind
Gene Key 18 is really good at spotting defects. Focus on releasing judgment and empower yourself.
Gene Key 19: The Future Human Being
Gene Key 19 a gift to discover many different dimensions. Check your human design chart and get in on this info!
Gene Key 20: Sacred Om
Gene Key 20 is a metamorphosis of both viewing and being seen within. Is gene key 20 in your human design chart?

Out of the numbness and gloom of entropy, comes joy, and the need to express it... Life becomes a work of art. When we are fully alive and present, we access our creativity and bring pleasure to ourselves and others. But when we become fixated on outcomes or bogged down by doubt and fear, our creative power dwindles. To tap into our full creative potential, we need to learn to flow with the ebb and flow of entropy. By riding the waves of change instead of resisting them, we can stay in a state of creative flow. And when we do, anything becomes possible.

Loss of Energy to Emerge

In the physical world, entropy is the loss of energy in a system. In human terms, it can manifest as numbness or depression, a feeling of emptiness or void. Yet, while entropy may seem like a negative state, it's actually an important part of the creative process. It takes solitude and withdrawal to create the space necessary for new seeds of creativity to sprout. And it takes courage to sit in the darkness and trust that renewal and inspiration will emerge from it. This understanding can help us to see entropy not as an enemy, but as an essential partner in the creation of our lives.

Gene Key 21: Exquisite Courage and Love
The 21st Gene Key addresses the issue of control, which creates the potential for enormous human conflict and violation of human rights on Earth today.
Gene Key 22: Grace Under Pressure
This most beautiful invocation is designed to soften the heart and call in the energy of grace, a summon for gene key 22.
Gene Key 23: Alchemy of Simplicity
You will go through a transformational process with The 23rd Gene Key in which you will gradually simplify every element of your life, both within and outside of your body.
Gene Key 24: Addiction Ultimatum
Not just what you do, but also how you think, is the 24th Gene Key. We are wired for addiction from the moment we are born. And the fundamental cause of this is our thoughts.
Gene Key 25: Myth of the Sacred Wound
You are searching for the holy grail of acceptance. You will have embraced the human wound once you can fully accept everything in your life just as it is right now.

To break out of entropy, we must learn to be OK with the numbness. And, it really isn't meant to be comfortable. It's the gap. All life needs to pause. Pauses are healthy. So, be OK with being uncomfortable. Rest in the nothingness that allows the energy to gather. It will reorganize your body for something fresh to emerge from within the gap. This is the secret of transforming the shadow of entropy into the gift of freshness. What was once a shadowy void can become a space of creativity and possibility. So, don't resist the discomfort of the gap, but instead allow it to be a source of transformation in your life.

Fresh Gifting

The first gift of all 64 Gene Keys is freshness. It is the very ground of human genius. And genius is built upon mistakes. Hundreds and hundreds of them. So many dead-end paths. How do you think the great inventions got here? Through lucky guesses? Never. Through endless trial and error. Through toil, patience, and dogged craziness. That’s what it takes to break new ground. Along with a great leap of courage, patience, and trust. When we are feeling fresh, we are open to new possibilities. We are not weighed down by the past or limited by our current circumstances. We can see things with new eyes and find new ways of doing things.

Gene Key 26: Sacred Tricksters
To reproduce genius - Only you have the ability to perform that position. There is nothing “greater than” your own individuality.
Gene Key 27: Food of the Gods
Selfish behavior hurts the entire, which ultimately hurts us as individuals. The 27th gene key’s core message is one of profound morality.
Gene Key 28: Embracing the Dark Side
We are immortal in our core. It goes beyond the grave. It transcends space and time. Beyond any drama, that is. Beyond our efforts, it exists.
Gene Key 29: Devotion
At this point, we start to realize that to commit also means to give up. Every time we give unconditional love to someone in the highest good, our frequency increases.
Gene Key 30: Celestial Fire
Be still, listen, trust, and know your heart’s intelligence and your guts intuitive guidance system is 100% accurate. And remember, what is true for you, may not be true for others.

This fresh perspective is the key to innovation and creativity. It is also the key to true happiness, because it allows us to live in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. When we are fresh, we are alive to the wonder of life itself.

Gene Key 31: Sounding Your Truth
Everybody faces challenging decisions. However, we must develop the ability to make them while practicing deep listening, surrender, and trust.
Gene Key 32: True Preservation
We learn that veneration is at the core of life. Knowing we are a small part of a huge enigma is it. And that each of our individual lives is crucial
Gene Key 33: Forgetting to Revelation
Being attentive is a rewarding process. Your DNA’s karma gradually returns to its original state as pure essence over time. Since this essence is strong, you find yourself craving more exposure to it.
Gene Key 34: Easy is Right
It harms our bodies so much. We keep doing things that we don’t enjoy. Or, we continue to interact with others while not being really honest.
Gene Key 35: Wormholes and Miracles
In order to find out where life really wants to lead you, stretch out across the chasms. Your life will become an adventure every day as a result.

The only way to access this gift is to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. The more mistakes we make, the greater our chances of making a breakthrough. So next time you make a mistake, remember that you are taking one step closer to greatness. Embrace your mistakes and use them as fuel for your journey to brilliance.

Trust is essential for the growth process. Without trust, we second-guess every decision, doubt our abilities, and become paralyzed by fear. Trust allows us to take risks, to experiment, and to follow our instincts. It is the foundation on which creativity is built.

Gene Key 36: Becoming Human
Being overwhelmed is impossible when your heart is open. Overwhelm is only a mental and emotional state.
Gene Key 37: Family Alchemy
We have fostered a society that is driven by hunger, want, ambition, fear, and greed. Imagine residing in a setting that values creativity, beauty, and leisure.
Gene Key 38: The Warrior of Light
Every challenge presents a great and essential chance to feel more alive, to grow more powerful and resilient, and to realize your higher destiny.
Gene Key 39: Tension of Transcendence
As mental, emotional, or physical blocks are removed from your system, your breath pattern gradually reverts to that of when you were younger. The same goes for your attitude.
Gene Key 40: The Will To Surrender
When we disperse our energies too thinly, we weaken. Therefore, tiredness is here to teach us not to squander our valuable time and energy.

When we trust ourselves, we are more likely to find joy in the human beings growth process. The numbness that comes from putting aside our self-doubt is the kindling that allows our creativity to spark. And when we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, we may be surprised by the genius of freshness that emerges. By trusting the growth process, we can tap into a wellspring of possibilities and bring something new and beautiful into the world.

True power lies in your ability to be alone with yourself. It’s trusting in the power of your own uniqueness – and timing.

Gene Key 41: Prime Emanation
Gene Key 41 the energy to honor your hopes and dreams. Recognize the tactics your mind uses to manipulate you.
Gene Key 42: Letting Go of Living and Dying
Instead of viewing a major difficulty as a hindrance, we see it as a chance for progress. We see a magnificent dance in the theatre of life that is out of our control.
Gene Key 43: Breakthrough
We are aware that everything in life has its own timing and nature. A breakthrough could happen at any time and alter our course.
Gene Key 44: Karmic Relationships
As you start to realize your own higher potential, you’ll start to align with other people who are going through the same thing.
Gene Key 45: Cosmic Communion
Learning how to cooperate once we understand we are no longer dependent on rivalry to survive; it’s a significant task but the 45th Gene Key is up to the task.

Natural is Beauty

Beauty is the expression of unity in human form. It is the presence of both light and darkness. It's so natural that it cannot be expressed. There is no one to comprehend it, and nothing to feel it. It simply does not exist – and this is its paradox. It is not true beauty if it can be spoken of, copied, or shared. It is unique and inexplicable. There is no ugliness. All is beauty!

Gene Key 46: The Key To Good Fortune
Regardless of whether you have the 46th Gene Key in your profile, you can access the synchronicity energy field and good fortune.
Gene Key 47: Transmuting The Past
Accept everything. Live on the edge. Get used to being afraid. Offset the box of Pandora’s lid. The instant you surrender, your True Purpose will suddenly come to light.
Gene Key 48: Wonder of Uncertainty
What people know defines them. But your ability to confront the unfamiliar with assurance, receptivity, and a spirit of adventure defines you.
Gene Key 49: Changing the World From Inside
Instead of becoming a victim of our needs, find solace in accepting them. Our wants become more apparent as we start to understand the genuine nature of our desires.
Gene Key 50: Cosmic Order
Those who possess the 50th gift have the drive and intelligence to enter any dysfunctional setting and use their inner strength, aura, and gifts to bring the elements back together.

Free to Express Joy

If you truly value the beauty of Planet Earth and Humanity in its many forms, then you are here to bring the void into form. You’ll dance with fire. You’ll be a risk taker. Not necessarily on the outside, but on the inner planes:

* How willing are you to risk your ego? Your fixedness? Your very identity?

* What will it take for you to give yourself fully to the creative process, and allow it to reshape you - without trying to control the outcome?

Gene Key 51: Initiative to Invitation
Fear can be overcome via the 51st Gene Key. One cannot avoid fear. As a result, be proactive! One who does not take the initiative is considered a victim.
Gene Key 52: Stillness Within Movement
To have GK 52 in your profile is a true gift. You have the ability to halt time. You have the power to relieve stress in other people.
Gene Key 53: Evolving Beyond Evolution
Expansion comes without effort and emerges naturally, slowly, quietly. It brings calm rather than excitement.
Gene Key 54: The Serpent’s Path
Every difficult experience that life brings you, must be passed through, and transformed inside your heart.
Gene Key 55: Great Change
Knowing there is no right or wrong is the gift of freedom. It is completely leaving the drama.
Gene Key 56: Divine Indulgence
Our thoughts are always looking for stimulation, especially whether we’re bored, angry, lonely, or perplexed.
Gene Key 57: Gentle Wind
The 57th gift, intuition, is meant to serve as a reminder of the still, small voice that resides inside you and connects you to all of life.
Gene Key 58: Stress to Bliss
The 58th Gene Key was known as “The Joyous” by the ancients. But how can we have happiness without sorrow?
Gene Key 59: Genome Dragon
Humanity is currently undergoing a quick and profound genetic shift. The 59th gene key, which is physically tearing us apart from the inside, is crucial to this process.
Gene Key 60: Path of Inspiration
When our mind’s constrained thinking is released, all of our feelings start to surface. Love is the reward.

What if being 'truly you' is the greatest gift of creativity you can give to the world?

* Begin with the 2 most creative words in existence: I AM ______ (fill in the blank).

For Example: Safe, free, sovereign, loving, trusting, grateful, creative, worthy, authentic, happy, forgiving... Feel your heart beat with the feeling of each quality.

Ask yourself: How can I stand in the full power of my heart's truth, without being attached to how people react, or in having to be right?

Gene Key 61: Sanctity
Being creative calms the mind. The best form of music for a troubled soul is music itself, whether it be singing, playing, or both.
Gene Key 62: Impeccability
Here, words have no significance. The only thing with meaning is the person speaking them. This is Truth in physical form.
Gene Key 63: Truth
It’s about having the mind of a child; even if we are constantly trying to solve the puzzle, a part of us is truly just having fun.
Gene Key 64: Glory Freedom
Your mind’s power rests in its capacity to think of alternative options and scenarios, not in solving problems.

The above summary is originated from Richard Rudd's profound work at www.genekeys.com and synopsis from Glenda Hilsenteger at https://ghilsenteger.com

For a more information, go to www.genekeys.com or order the Gene Keys Book.

Gene Keys Book: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
Through reading, one’s belief system will begin to change and their DNA will actually start to transform the way they think and feel.
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