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There are usually those who like bar soap and others who prefer body wash when it comes to body soap cleaning. Nevertheless, even if you typically prefer body wash, you will be pleasantly surprised by the efficacy and practicality of a shampoo bar for hair types. Shampoo bars are excellent for people who want to adopt a more sustainable beauty routine because they are small and leak-proof and make terrific travel companions. These top best shampoo bars are especially beneficial for color treated hair.

According to stylist April Kayganich, owner of The Curl Whisperer Studio in Austin, Texas, "Shampoo bars are a solid form of shampoo typically manufactured from a blend of raw or plant-based substances like oils." Shampoo bars are commended for being kinder to all hair types and frequently contain moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter as well. A shampoo bar is typically prepared without sulfates and other harsh detergents that are common in liquid versions.

Nunzio Saviano, stylist and proprietor of the same-named salon in New York City, continues, "A shampoo bar is also fantastic for travel because the waterless recipe makes them incredibly practical to pack. Shampoo bars are a wonderful alternative for anyone who wants to make their beauty regimen more environmentally conscious because a shampoo bar conserves water and doesn't require a lot of plastic packaging", he adds.

Best Shampoo Bar Overall

J.R. Liggett's All-Natural Shampoo Bar

$12 on Amazon


  • Lathers nicely
  • Moisturizing formula for any hair type
  • Bar is very durable


  • Thick, rectangular shape could be challenging for some to hold and maneuver across the scalp

This moisturizing shampoo bar is an excellent choice for those with different color treated hair and skin types because it is made with a combination of coconut oil, aloe vera, almond oil, mango butter, and vitamins A, B, and E to nourish the scalp as it washes. It is a great deal and a small product to keep in your shower because one bar is equivalent to 24 ounces of liquid shampoo.

Our tester, who has thick, fine hair and a dry, flaky scalp, gushed about the product and praised how readily it lathered as she massaged it across her head. This shampoo bar deeply nourished her scalp and hair without leaving a greasy look or feel, in contrast to other shampoo bars that left her hair feeling heavy and weighed down. She also enjoyed that even after two weeks of regular use, the bar was still in relatively good condition.

While she found it easy to hold, we believe the only thing that would make this shampoo bar even better is if the shape had some curvature to help people with limited mobility achieve a more comfortable grip.

Best Shampoo Bar for Hydration

Kitsch Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar

$14 on Amazon


  • Does an excellent job at hydrating the hair and scalp
  • Great for an everyday cleanse
  • Has a neutral, pleasant scent for any hair type


  • Can be difficult to target roots of thick hair

This is a highly rated shampoo our tester enjoyed very much. Castor oil, which is nutritious, is included in the formulation as well as shea butter, which is free of harsh surfactants that can dry out hair. While having some difficulty using the bar to reach the roots of her thick hair, she observed that a few swipes or rubbing her hair with her hands produced a surprisingly powerful lather that ultimately did the trick. She added that while the non-stripping product is wonderful for an everyday cleaning, she could rinse and repeat for a deeper clean on days when she worked out in sweat. She enjoyed that, in contrast to other comparable products she had previously tried, she could actually sense how conditioning this formula was—it left her strands and scalp feeling moistened.

Best Shampoo Bar for a Gentle Cleanse

Strands of Faith Non-Stripping Bar

$21 on Amazon


  • Effectively cleanses scalp and hair leaving them feeling balanced
  • Solid Shampoo Bar is extremely durable


  • Takes a bit of effort to lather on any hair type

We suggest this gentle shampoo bar if you're looking for a mild shampoo bar that will leave you feeling clean but not stripped. Even though our tester found that getting the recipe to lather best required some practice and getting accustomed to (she discovered that rubbing it straight on her hair worked best), once she got the hang of it, it lathered wonderfully and successfully washed her hair and scalp. She claimed that it gave her hair a comparable feel to that of her preferred liquid shampoo and that the bar itself was simple to hold while massaging it over her head.

Although it didn't offer a particularly thorough clean that kept her scalp free of excess oil for a long time, it performed admirably as a daily wash. Aloe vera, coconut oil, and olive oil are also included in the mix, which makes it a fantastic solid shampoo bar for anyone with dry hair. It performed flawlessly for a considerable amount of time as a daily shampoo. Aloe vera, coconut oil, and olive oil are also included in the mix, which makes it a fantastic choice for anyone with dry hair.

Best Shampoo Bar for a Deep Clean

ODACITÉ 552M Soap Free Shampoo Bar

$29 on Amazon


  • Creates squeaky clean result
  • Easy to lather solid shampoo
  • Bar is quite durable
  • Suitable for color-treated hair


  • Can be a bit stripping on a certain colored hair type

We advise obtaining this shampoo bar if you struggle with greasy roots and product buildup from liquid shampoos. The recipe, which is soap-free, is safe for color-treated hair and helps to remove buildup and excess oil from the hair and scalp. Our tester reported that it produced a nice lather, just like a conventional bar soap would.

She also loved how clean it left her hair, even if it was a little peeling on her scalp and a little drying on her ends. She did point out, though, that her color-treated hair is already quite dry, so people with balanced or oily hair won't likely feel stripped, particularly given that the mixture contains argan and castor oils plus cocoa butter. Our tester was really pleased with the results after using this shampoo to cleanse and a deep conditioner to condition the hair. This shampoo bar will give you a thorough clean if that's what you're after.

Best Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair

Ethique Professor Curl-Defining Solid Shampoo Bar

$16 on Amazon


  • Quickly creates a rich lather
  • Effectively cleanses excess oil
  • Leaves curls looking healthy and bouncy


  • Could be better at removing product buildup

Individuals with curly or fine hair are aware of how difficult it can be to locate shampoos that successfully balance moisturizing and effective washing. Our tester was quite pleased with how well it removed a hair oil she had used before shampooing in addition to how well it lathered. It succeeded in thoroughly cleansing her scalp and hair without sacrificing moisture. She even mentioned that, in comparison to when she uses other shampoo formulas, she was able to go a day or two longer without washing her curly hair. The bar didn't crumble at all even after being used continuously for the designated testing period.

Although our tester was quite happy with the results she got from using this shampoo bar, she would have preferred it to have more clarifying properties that might assist remove product buildup from curly hair. After every few washes with this bar, use a clarifying shampoo if you're having accumulation issues in your wet hair.

What to Look For in a Best Shampoo Bar

Sulfate-Free Formula

Sulfates aren't altogether terrible, but they can deplete fine hair, damaged hair, and scalp of moisture and essential oils through most liquid shampoos. Here, the majority of the selections are sulfate-free, but bear in mind that even sulfates that are listed are not all created equal for hair types. According to Kayganich, many shampoo bars use sulfates produced from plants, which aren't as harsh or drying. She adds that if you do see sulfates stated on the label, it's worth doing a little research becasue there are shampoo bars for every type of hair skin type on the market.

Bar Shape

Although using a shampoo bar has numerous advantages, some of them can be difficult to hold and use because of their form or texture, which might cause them to slip, but they won't both sensitive skin. You should think about the size, shape, and feel of the bar you buy if you have restricted hand movement. The Kitsch Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar is one of our favorites since it has a round form that is comfortable in the palm of your hand and is thick enough to be sturdy.

Other Options We Tested

Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Restoring Shampoo Bar

Although we like the unique shape of this affordable shampoo bar, our tester found the formula to be drying in her hair, and she noted that she struggled to use it without the bar repeatedly slipping out of her hands.

Clinically Tested Pura 'Dor Shampoo

Our tester came across this clinically tested anti-thinning biotin shampoo and loved the volume it added to her hair. It's not a shampoo bar, rather a liquid shampoo, but the texture of her hair has gone from thin and delicate to thick and voluptuous!

Humankind Shampoo Bar

This all-natural shampoo bar comes in a variety of scents which we love, but our tester shared that her oily hair was extremely greasy throughout the test—the formula was not effective at cleansing excess oil.

Shampoo Bar FAQs

Are shampoo bars better for hair?

This isn’t a simple yes or no answer, but because many shampoo bars contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, or synthetic fragrances, the typical shampoo bar is less drying on your hair than liquid shampoo formulas that contain these ingredients. Ingredients such as cocoa butter and lime and orange oils are frequent to solid shampoo bars.

How do you use a shampoo bar?

It’s always best to follow the directions on the packaging of the shampoo bar you’re using, but in general, you can either create a lather in your palms and apply it from your hands or apply the shampoo bar directly to your hair and scalp.

How do you store a shampoo bar?

You can store your shampoo bar as you would any other bar soap, so in the shower is fine. But to help increase the longevity of your shampoo bar, try putting it on a soap dish that has some ventilation on the bottom so that air can circulate around it and it doesn’t get gunky underneath.

How long do shampoo bars last?

According to Kayganich, one bar can replace up to three plastic bottles of shampoo—so quite a while. Some brands even claim that their bars last for 80 to 100 washes or up to six months.

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