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A paid viewpoint survey is a survey site for market research survey that compensates participants for their time and opinions. Paid surveys are used to collect data about consumer behavior, product preferences, and brand awareness. While anyone can sign up to participate in a paid survey, most market research firms target specific demographics, such as adults between the ages of 18 and 55. Research surveys are conducted online and an email is sent out when a new one is available.

Most Survey Sites

There are many survey sites out there. Other survey sites promise loads of cash for completing surveys regularly. Other survey sites also disqualify you after you've completed 15 minutes of market research surveys but paid viewpoint does not. Other survey sites do not have trait surveys which allow more surveys to come down the pike for survey opportunities.

Available on Mobile or Other Device

Sites like paidviewpoint provide daily surveys, traits surveys, and online surveys. Survey Junkie and other competitors do not even add up in comparison to the relevant surveys and sign up bonus that sites like paidviewpoint provide. Other sites pay less than ten cents per 15 minutes of quality market research survey time. Paidviewpoint pays no less than ten cents per 8 minutes on research surveys and often times more.


This is the best survey site! Survey takers get more surveys and higher paying surveys in comparison to other online surveys. That's why these paying surveys will make it your favorite survey site. They are an easy and effective way to make money from the comfort of your own home and directly to your paypal account no matter how many trait surveys or how many survey answers you complete.

All it takes is filling in your information (which gives you immediate payments), answering questions for 2-8 minutes most per survey (and getting paid!) The best part? You can do these surveys in bed while wearing pajamas!

How to get started

Once you complete more surveys and trait surveys, payments add up to $15.00. You then can cash out directly to your paypal account! You also get points for filling in trait surveys which is information about yourself called a trait survey. The higher the strait survey, the higher your trait score goes, the more money you get paid per survey.

Understanding the Qualification Criteria

The best part about this survey company is if there is a survey for you, you automatically qualify and the system cannot kick you out for being unqualified (like every other survey company we've tested). How many surveys have you tried to complete or survey invitations you expected money online but then the best survey sites told you that you are not their target market?

This is a huge deal for most because after filling out surveys that are all so similar in nature, you always know there are dollar signs behind those clicks and answers! This survey site also provides traits surveys, research surveys, and a sign up bonus. It's one of the best survey sites ; paidviewpoint legit!

Options for Getting Paid

Paypal is the only option for cash out. It's better to get direct cash than getting paid in gift cards or some other nominal round about way.

Tips on maximizing your earnings

Answer your surveys as soon as possible! The faster you complete the survey, the more money they add to your account. The long you wait to complete the survey, the less money they add to your account and if it's too long he survey will no longer be available. Most people get about 1-2 surveys in their email per day. There is a direct link to click and then you can begin surveying away.

Wrapping Up

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money. It's taken many research studies to find such a positive and refreshing survey experience.

Resources on Getting Started!

Sign up HERE to get started!

Share a survey site that provides research survey rewards?

Find more surveys at Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, or any other market research industry. Cash out payments take much longer, target market is never ideal, and trait score is non existent - good luck!

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