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Wish there was a success guide in your spirit for promoting your company? Well, you just discovered it. With the aid of Human Design, you can easily awaken your marketing mojo and expand your business. It's time to stop using cookie-cutter marketing strategies and start attracting customers the way your soul was intended to.

I see you. I can sense the ardor in your soul. the deep-seated aspirations you have to be more, do more, and accomplish more. Unspoken disappointment that weighs heavily on your shoulders when you realize that your business hasn't expanded as much as you had anticipated by now. When your client schedule is half vacant and the coveted "six figure year" that everyone promotes online seems so out of reach, you may feel small and unimportant.

I'll insert RIGHT HERE the MASTERCLASS I use to create massive income.

Please lower the volume of the outside noise, if you would. Be completely silent and ask yourself: How do YOU wish to promote and expand your company?

Contrary to many others who apply a broad name to a universal "marketing success formula," I am aware that you are anything but typical. You're not like the other people, because for you, this goes beyond a simple "business." It is so much more than that; it is a means of profound service, a means of disseminating your love and light, and a means of fully completing the task assigned to your soul during this lifetime.

I'm here as a human design manifesting generator. And I am kindly informing you that you alone have the keys to your company's success. You no longer need to look...Because when you employ human design as a marketing technique, you can unleash the natural magnetism and energetic blueprint that has always been inside of you.

What is Human Design?

Ra Uru Hu developed the potent framework known as Human Design, which is based on your time of birth and integrates concepts from the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics.

According to HumanDesign.Net, Human Design is “like an operating manual for life. It can help you understand the story of your life, your successes and failures. Your chart can show you what your authority is and how to use it in making clear, reliable decisions. It can describe your subconscious behavioral programs and patterns. And, it can tell you which of these condition you away from your truth. Making the right decisions eliminates resistance in your life. This alone transforms the places where you are open, vulnerable and conditioned, into areas where you get your deepest wisdom in life.”

Aside from academic material, working with my Human Design has to be one of the most profoundly transformative experiences I have ever had. Being a Manifesting Generator throughout the most of my life has given me a "lifelong" sickness, but it has also made it easier for me to develop a thriving business. Life now flows more naturally since I don't have to push, force, or "try."

What Does Human Design Have to Do With Marketing?

Many people find entering the professional sector to be unfamiliar. Therefore, we act in the best way we can at the time by locating someone who is already experiencing the reality we desire and learning exactly how they did it. Clever, huh?

We then proceed to spend thousands of dollars on group programs and seminars that lead you through six- and seven-figure "success" formulas but ultimately fail to make you successful; leaving you unsatisfied or, worse, making you think about abandoning your soul's goal.

The majority of my clients come to me on the edge of going completely bonkers, pouring from an empty cup and asking why, despite how much time they spend on marketing, they aren't attracting new clients or consumers. Maybe you're also pushing yourself to post on Instagram every day, join every new social network, create content like crazy, or appear on stories nonstop in order to keep up with other #entrepreneur bosses out there.

But just as there shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all strategy in marketing, neither should there be in nutrition or health. Your soul was born with a business strategy. The only thing that Human Design does is reveal it. Your individual marketing strategy is laid out in your personal blueprint, including details on how to gain visibility, produce content, develop a following, and generate revenue.

Stop spinning your wheels and start getting RESULTS

Marketing by Human Design Type

A complicated system with numerous nuances; Human Design. The body graph chart, which has nine centers, 36 channels, and 64 gates, is a graphic used by the Human Design system to visualize your company's operational handbook.

You should initially concentrate on embracing the most fundamental elements of your chart, such as your Energy Type. Your intrinsic qualities, contributions to the world, and commercial weaknesses are revealed by your energy type. Each energy type also has a technique that can show you how your business is energetically suited to draw customers.

In the Human Design system, there are five different sorts of energy: generators, manifesting generators, projectors, manifestors, and reflectors. Each category contributes significantly to how humanity functions. The world functions as it was intended to when everyone lives in alignment with their personality type.

Let’s dive into how each Energy Type is designed to market their business…

Marketing for Generators

You are the Marketing Lightworker. By totally demonstrating and expressing your passion for the craft you are here to master, you attract sales. Finding ways to completely show your passion is your success code for luring clients or customers. For instance, attending live workshops, participating in storytelling, or producing interesting videos or blog posts all enable you to completely communicate and embody your passion in business.

Marketing for Manifesting Generators

You are The Multi-Marketing Lightworker. You draw customers or clients to you by fully expressing and living your love for the numerous things that excite you through your offerings. Finding several ways to fully convey your passion is your success code for luring clients or customers. For instance, attending live workshops, participating in storytelling, or producing interesting videos or blog posts all enable you to completely communicate and embody your passion in business.

Marketing for Projectors

You are The Marketing Guide. By fostering and assisting your prospective clients or consumers, you can attract sales. By gently guiding them rather than pressuring or persuading them, you attract sales because you actually perceive them for who they are and where they want to go. Recognize that you won't attract everyone; only the people who are meant to see you will be drawn to you.

Marketing for Manifestors

You are The Marketing Trailblazer. Sales are attracted by totally embracing your great authority, starting a movement, and actively enlisting your prospective clients or customers. Don't 'small' down your marketing or weaken your influence. You have a very strong voice, a dynamic presence, and a picky aura, so you will draw some people and repel those who aren't a good fit.

Marketing for Reflectors

You are The Marketing. You aren't intended to make the first move in business or send direct messages to people you've never met. Being a mirror for your audience, pointing out their areas of need for healing and providing them with a solution as the knowledge keeper you are can help you draw in customers. If you don't have a solid strategy for your business, you could feel flimsy. It's crucial to have a marketing plan in place that grounds you.

Multiple streams of income has become our ANSWER to prayers

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