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This curly hair trending cuts article is for all of our curly Qs. If you're a person who likes to get up and go, keeping with the one or two hairstyles you know will never let you down is absolutely the safe option. Taming the mane is not for the weak. The number of styles and cuts curly-haired girls may rock is practically limitless, despite the effort of wash days that take hours and attention to each coil on your head. Don't trust us?

Today, we're learning from professional stylists about the ideal haircuts for naturally curly hair and the items you'll need to maintain your style. Scroll down to see the hottest haircuts right now, and make sure to call your hairdresser right away to schedule an appointment!

Interested in the best way to use your diffuser for perfect curls?


Nicole Mangrum



Mangrum is a global hair artist whose work has been featured in Oprah Daily, Vogue, and Wall Street Journal. She is also an expert on Intro, a platform for booking one-on-one advice video chats with style and beauty experts. She is perfect for a curly girls episode right here and now.

Diamond Faced Fro


We have the cut for you if you have naturally curly hair curls that span from 4A to 4C. It has everything—the volume, the bounce, the shape, etc. This style has all the hold it needs thanks to your curly texture, but if you want to add more lift or define your curls, keep them moisturized. In particular between wash days, use a leave-in product to fluff up the hair and shape it as you like.

Another piece of advice for curly girls is to stand in the shower without getting wet and allow the steam to restructure your hair if it seems a little flattened or squashed when you wake up. This replenishes the hair with just the right quantity of moisture to give it new life.

Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion

For reshaping, re-fluffing, and re-zhuzhing your naturally curly hair 'fro, this leave-in lotion is perfect. It leaves your hair incredibly soft and moisturized and is free of sulfates, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals. Make sure to massage it into every part of your head, including the tips.




This style cut conveys a comparable air of comfort. This design is ideal for a wash and go, unlike the layered hairstyles from the 1990s that are currently trending. Your hair already has dimension and body thanks to the cut, so you won't need to do much style to make it appear fantastic.

To hold your curly girls in place, choose a really nice curling cream or gel. We also advise using a microfiber hair towel to flop your natural curls to give them lots of structure and extra volume at the roots because this style is medium to longer in length.

Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Light Hold Gelee

This gel truly traps in moisture, unlike other gels, making your naturally curly hair feel even softer (AKA no crunch in sight). Long curly hair hair loves it even more!


Hicober Microfiber Hair Towel for Curly Hair Women Anti Frizz

Put your hair in a microfiber towel such as this so that your natural curls won't frizz, break, or shrink. We adore this one since it fits long hair that is thick and feels cozy on the head (especially if you plan to wear it all morning like we do).




The bixie, a hairstyle that falls in between a bob and a pixie, is sweeping the globe. All textures exhibit it, however all curly hair textures from 3A to 4C stand out. For people who like to stretch their natural curls wash days as far as possible, this hairstyle is perfect because it just requires minimal shaping to make the kinky and coily curls seem attractive. Use a curl-defining cream and twist your curls with your fingers to give them a tighter form if your texture is more curly.

Curlsmith Leave-In Defining Souffle

Because it defines curl pattern, adds moisture, doesn't flake, minimizes frizz, and is packed with healthy hair-friendly components like rice amino acids and avocado oil, curly females swear by this cream.


Curly Bangs


According to Nicole Mangrum, a renowned hair artist and Intro expert, "I prefer to see coily and curly hair in their natural textures but cut in powerful forms such as a heart shape, fringe, or curly bangs that makes a statement."

Curls no longer need to be hidden; instead, bring natural curls to the forefront with a flourish. This can be combined with long curly hair, to provide depth and frame your face, a bob or pixie cut for a more daring appearance, or even a layered cut. There are countless alternatives.

Because they're so simple to style, bangs on long curly hair are our favorite. Each strand should be finger-coilled before being placed in place with a diffuser-equipped blow dryer.

Super Sonic Hair Dryer

This hair drier is undoubtedly the most well-known in the world, and for good reason. Every hair type, length, and texture was taken into consideration when designing the renowned Dyson Supersonic.

It contains low speed and heat settings designed exclusively for diffusing hair, keeping natural hair color strong, and has a diffuser attachment for increasing curl pattern and honing in on voluminous curls.




Shag, mullet, and wolf cuts are just a few of the names for this style, which is best for curly hair since it has a lot of chaotic, undone texture. Whitney Peak and Natasha Lyonne are two celebrities that have sported this look, and it is typically worn with a full bang, lots of jagged layers, and a medium length.

You can go longer between washes because this style thrives on the messy appearance. That implies, though, that by the time your wash day arrives, your scalp might want a little detox. To hydrate and revive your hair in between washes, use a scalp serum, and massage an ultra-moisturizing shampoo into your scalp.

Scalp Serum

With this combination of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender oils, along with aloe, castor seed oil, and niacinamide to calm and nourish the scalp of those with curly hair. Dry, flaky, itchy scalps have met their match.


Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo

This shampoo cleans roots without completely removing all the oil and moisture from your scalp and voluminous curls, similar to a large glass of water for curly hair. Without any additional weight reducing your coils, you'll get all the rehydration you need.


Chin Length Bob


Mangrum claims that shorter hairstyles are popular right now, with the French curly bob haircut topping the list. You'll adore this cut's blunt edge if your aesthetic is stylish. Prepare to make a statement since this style looks especially daring on curly hair.

Contrary to earlier variations of the style, you don't need to have sleek, straight hair to rock it. Use a gel that makes your hair ultra-shiny to maintain your unique hairstyle. You'll maintain your natural texture while obtaining the same sleekness.

Curl Gelee

Due to the combination of Murumuru seed butter, avocado butter, mango seed butter, apricot oil, and other ingredients, this gel is ideal for individuals who prefer to make a statement with their hair. Without making hair look greasy, weighing it down, or straightening out curls, these butters and oils make hair smooth and lustrous.


Long Lengths


Short cuts are popular, but that doesn't mean everyone is giving up their long, luxurious locks. Long curly hair can be long and blunt or lengthy and layered, for example. A long, blunt cut will highlight your curls, while a layered cut adds volume and dimension while framing your face (like the cut above).

Long lengths take a long time to dry, as opposed to medium length, so you'll probably need to use a powerful blow dryer on curly haircuts with a diffuser attachment to get ready faster. Additionally, if you want to protect your hair and keep it long and healthy, avoid washing it as often by investing in a solution to rejuvenate your curls.

InfinitiPRO by Conair

This blow dryer has a strong motor and infrared heat that is gentle on your priceless curly haircuts locks to quickly dry your curly hair.


Curl Activator

This hydrating spray gives your curls the energy you want when they appear a touch "blah." In just a few spritzes, it hydrates, adds hold, and minimizes frizz to revive curls.




This medium length curly hair is lively and entertaining, but you'll need to raise your moisture game if you want to maintain your curly haircuts smooth and frizz-free. If you only wash once a week, a deep conditioner is a need (or less).

Since your hair is practically a sponge while it's wet, you should add as much moisture as you can before blow-drying it or waiting for it to dry naturally. Apply a hydrating leave-in from the scalp to the ends after deep conditioning.

Deep Repair Hair Mask

Shea Butter, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Vitamins E and B5 are just a few of the nourishing ingredients in the coconut oil intensive repair hair mask. This very nourishing mask protects curly haircuts from heat damage while hydrating and repairing hair. It locks in moisture and improves manageability, perfect for a curly haircut.


Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner

This product has received over 800 five-star reviews on Ulta for curly locks, which makes you wonder if it contains magic (and there might be). Even one commented, "In order to combat it, I've tried leave-in sprays, but they are worthless in comparison to this unquestionable gift from God. I can use a good amount and obtain enough hydration without having flat, lifeless hair because a little goes a long way and it doesn't weigh down my hair at all."

Additionally, the blueberry Jolly Rancher is not only great for styling curly hair or thick hair. It has a price under $15 which are huge benefits for curly haircuts.


If you're on the hunt for the best shampoo bars for curly hair (sulfate free), read on for our top five picks!

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