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We want to enter each new summer with enthusiasm and drive, it's not always that simple. For some of us, springtime may seem like a time for fresh begins and new beginnings, but it may also leave us feeling let down. Reaching ambitious objectives like "exercise every day" and "reduce 10 pounds" comes with a lot of pressure. The beginning of Spring 2023 may feel more like a burden than a blessing if it involves achieving distant or challenging goals. Also, when you're fixated on a scale number or a particular rule to follow, it's easy to lose motivation.

There are many simple measures you can take to be your healthiest and happiest self this year (that you'll actually be able to keep), rather than going into the summer with lofty objectives that will just let you down. We're working over 50 real steps you can do to enhance endorphins and keep your health on track. There are many additional strategies to enhance your wellness, whereas some focus on diet and exercise. After all, even if you follow a strict diet and exercise regularly, you still won't be truly healthy or happy if you don't look after the rest of your needs. Here are 50 actions you can take right away to improve your health and happiness in 2023.

50 Actions

  1. Thank you rather than saying "I'm sorry."

2. Each morning, make your bed.

3. Unfollow or silence every account that doesn't encourage you.

4. Try one of these exercises on days when you don't feel like working out.

5. Organize your wardrobe

6. Make all of your yearly doctor's appointments.

7. Install a meditation app like Calm or Headspace.

8. When you are worried, adopt the child's pose.

9. Purchase flowers for you.

10. Make a call instead of messaging a buddy or coworker.

11. Try a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat the colors of the rainbow.

12. Take in some fresh air and stargaze.

13. Drink water before and after each meal.

14. Form a book club.

15. Make your latte with adaptogens.

16. Take more walks with hot women.

17. Remove the news applications from your phone.

18. Incorporate leafy greens into dressings, dips, and sauces.

19. Set your alarm for five minutes earlier each night until you can wake up naturally.

20. Start exercising in the morning.

21. Make sexual wellbeing a priority by downloading the Coral app or buying a new vibrator.

22. Clean up your phone's songs, photos, apps, and notes.

23. Change how you feel about food by eating with self-love rather than self-criticism.

24. Make your supplement routine unique.

25. Read a book that is beneficial to your health.

26. Put your friendships first.

27. Create an intention, theme, or affirmation for the forthcoming year.

28. Discard outmoded food regulations.

29. Talk yourself into JOMO instead of FOMO (joy of missing out).

30. Use metrics other than weight to gauge your health.

31. Enroll in online courses or virtual events.

32. Consume seasonal food.

33. Prepare wholesome snacks to keep on hand at all times.

34. Plan numerous one-minute pauses during your working day so that you can breathe deeply or move about.

35. Do not use your laptop in your bedroom.

36. Create a plant-based substitute for any dish you're desiring on your own.

37. List your top 10 sources of stress and then come up with remedies for each one.

38. Take a new exercise class that you've never taken.

39. Spend time in the sun as soon as you wake up.

40. Include a healthy food item in your diet each day.

41. While you're watching TV, stretch your body.

42. Time batch your emails.

43. Use organic herbs and spices in every dish.

44. Keep a daily gratitude notebook.

45. Increase your nutrient intake rather than cut calories.

46. Chop and roast vegetables for the upcoming week.

47. Compliment loved ones using text messages.

48. Play music while cooking and dance around the kitchen.

49. Consume probiotics.

50. Sit up straight and improve your posture.

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