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Thrive Shake vs. 310 Nutrition Shake

Want to try one of these well-liked diet smoothies, but first want to compare them? We have comprehensive analyses of both 310 Shakes and Thrive Shakes that are rich in information and will enable you to make an informed choice.

While both drinks have a good balance of protein and fiber and are low in calories, one has received superior taste evaluations and adds more superfoods for greater health. Additionally, we'll talk about some contentious components found on one of the labels and how they could influence your objectives.

Keep reading to see the breakdown, or click on any of the links below to jump to a section in our overview:

Table of Contents: Price | Taste | Nutrition Facts | Calories | Sugar / Artificial Sweeteners | Protein | Fiber | Carbs & Net Carbs | Vitamins / Minerals / Superfoods | Company/Brand | Conclusion


Thrive Shake

Le-Vel created Thrive Shake as part of a "8-week premium lifestyle system" to help you achieve your peak physical and mental levels, even though it may be used as a stand-alone meal replacement shake. If you want the entire set, it also comes with a skin patch and Thrive drink supplement, which assist healthy joint function, greater energy, and weight loss. For one individual, packs cost between $100 and $140 and contain enough substance to last for four weeks.

Want the shake alone? The pricing for each component are not listed on the Thrive website since you must purchase the shake directly from a distributor as a multi-level marketing organization; nonetheless, the shake is available elsewhere. The smoothie costs $65.00 on Amazon for 16 single servings, which works out to roughly $4.06 before delivery (quite expensive)!

310 Shake

One of the main reasons why 310 is presently ranked as our #1 meal replacement shake is that they are incredibly cost-effective for everything they provide.

A 28-serve bag of 310 Shakes costs $68.00, or $2.43 per shake serving. Additionally, you may save 25% on your purchases by setting up a regular monthly delivery schedule through their subscribe and save program.

Last but not least, they have a specials website where they give discounts on product bundles and single serving shake packets so you may test them out before you buy.

Bottom Line

In contrast to 310 Shakes, which costs $68.00 or less for almost a month's supply, Thrive Shake will cost $100 to $140 every month for the whole "Thrive experience" or a little over $4.00 per serving for just the shake. Spending money on Thrive will be nearly twice as much as spending money on 310!


Thrive Shake

The four flavors of Thrive Shakes are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and apple pie. Thrive Reviews claims that even though they only contain 2g of sugar, they include an artificial sweetener (Sucralose) that gives them a super-sweet taste. On the whole, evaluations regarding the flavor and texture of this shake are mixed.

Some negative comments include that the shake: (1)

  • Lacks taste
  • Has a gritty texture
  • Is ultra-sweet

In positive Le-Vel Thrive reviews (mostly found on Le-Vel’s Facebook page), users noted: (2)

  • Add a tiny bit of vanilla extract and the shake tastes great (nothing like the pea protein that’s in it)!
  • It doesn’t have a grainy taste like other shakes
  • It tastes so good: like drinking melted vanilla ice cream for breakfast

Although there are a variety of viewpoints, consumers appear to disagree on whether or not this is a shake you'll look forward to consuming every day.

310 Shakes

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Chai, and Salted Caramel are just a few of the flavors available in 310 Shakes. Customers can enjoy different flavors every season thanks to some of their "Private Reserve" flavors, which are only distributed in limited quantities for brief periods of time.

The majority of 310 Shake reviews praised both flavor and texture. Users appear to appreciate the diversity of flavors as well as how filling and delicious the shakes are.

Some 310 Shake Review users mentioned: (3)

  • All of the flavors taste excellent combined with almond milk
  • Texture is not gritty at all
  • It has just the right amount of sweetness
  • Can mix it with just about anything and it still tastes great
  • There’s no artificial taste like with other shakes

Nutrition Facts

Thrive Shake

310 Shakes


It's crucial to know how many calories are in each meal replacement drink, especially if you're trying to reduce or maintain your weight. When you add additional ingredients to shakes to form smoothies, the calories in the shakes can soon soar even higher.

Your shake should ideally have around 100 calories and still contain a healthy amount of protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. This will enable you to consume less calories overall during the day while still providing your body with the nutrients it requires to function at its peak.

Thrive Shakes feature 110 calories per serving, compared to 310 Shakes' 90. Both of these figures are excellent considering that many other shake brands contain calories in the upper 200s or even 300s, which makes maintaining a healthy weight more challenging.

Bottom Line

Both shakes have around 100 calories per serving, making them great low-calorie shake options for both healthy living and weight loss.

Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners

Only 2g of sugar per serving is contained in each Thrive Shake, which is fantastic because sugar can easily undermine your attempts to lose weight and follow a healthy diet. There are certain issues with the sugars they employ, though:

  • Maltodextrin: A highly-processed food additive (white powder) derived from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. It has a high glycemic index, so can cause uncomfortable blood sugar spikes, and may cause GI issues such as cramping and bloating in some. (4)
  • Sucralose: An artificial sweetener best known as Splenda, is 600 times sweeter than regular table sugar, and some studies show that it might mess with your body’s satiety hormones – causing you to still feel hungry after eating. More research is also needed on any potential long-term health effects of these chemically-derived sweeteners. (5)
  • Stevia Leaf Extract: A healthy, natural sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Though Stevia is 100-200 times sweeter than regular sugar, studies show that it helps to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels and does not lead to overeating after consumption. (6)

310 Shake

For a meal replacement shake, it's amazing that 310 Shakes contain no sugar. For people who are controlling their blood sugar levels or adhering to a low-carb or sugar-free diet, this makes it a top choice. It also makes it the best option for maintaining blood sugar balance and preventing lows throughout the day.

This shake is regarded as our #1 shake since it is one of the healthiest options on the market and contains no sugar. Natural Stevia Leaf extract is an ingredient in every 310 Shake (more on this above).

Bottom Line

Thrive Shakes are low in sugar but contain a controversial additive and artificial sweetener, while 310 Shakes have no sugar/artificial ingredients. Both shakes contain natural sugar alternative, Stevia.


Thrive Shakes

15g of soy, pea, and whey protein may be found in Thrive Shakes. We don't like soy, but the amount of protein is plenty to promote a healthy metabolism and satiety.

While whey protein contains BCAAs (or branched chain amino acids), which help sculpt muscles, and pea protein is a highly digested protein that can significantly improve fullness, soy protein has some possible drawbacks.

Soy is controversial since it’s: (7)

Estrogen-mimicking: Soy naturally contains properties called phytoestrogens that can boost estrogen levels in the body. Having excess estrogen is obviously not a good thing, and may increase your risk of certain diseases and hormone-imbalance disorders.

Mostly Genetically Modified (GMO): 90 percent of the soy used today is genetically modified, and GMO products can kill off beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your gut health is critical not only to your digestive and immune health, but also to your total body health.

310 Shake

These meal replacement drinks don't contain soy, but they do provide 15g of protein per serving. Pea, brown rice, and hemp are the three different plant-based proteins that make up 310 Nutrition's "Tri-Plex" blend. According to the manufacturer, the mix contains the ideal quantity of each protein to assist improved results and higher body absorption. (8)

Plant-based protein benefits:

Pea: Great for muscle-building since it’s a “complete protein” with all the essential amino acids your body needs. Easy on the digestion and very filling.

Brown Rice: Research shows it’s just as effective as whey for toning and slimming your body, plus increasing workout performance. Packs a ton of nutrients in each serving.

Hemp: Contains a hearty dose of fiber to balance blood sugar levels, promotes satiety, and is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Bottom Line

Both shakes contain an ideal 15g of protein per serving, but Thrive Shakes contain soy (a controversial protein with estrogen-mimicking abilities), while 310 Shakes contain a plant-based blend of pea, hemp and brown rice.


Another essential component of diet shakes is fiber, which supports your digestive system and keeps you full. Additionally, fiber aids in the removal of toxins from the body. You'll feel miserable and probably experience some avoidable problems like constipation, bloating, or cramps if your diet is deficient in fiber.

Five grams of fiber, the recommended amount for a diet shake, are present in both Thrive Shakes and 310 Shakes. 5–10 grams of ideal fiber per serving. Additionally, fiber will help keep you full for at least 3 to 4 hours after your meal.

Bottom Line

Both 310 Shakes and Thrive Shakes contain a healthy amount of fiber at 5g per shake serving (per meal).

Carbs and Net Carbs

Going low-carb can help you lose weight more rapidly, and many people have found that it's also a wonderful long-term weight management strategy. Good, complex carbs are normally part of a balanced diet and should be used in moderation.

To stay below predetermined limitations, those on low-carb diets must track their daily carbs and net carbs, which are calculated by deducting fiber from total daily carbs.

Keto is the name of one of the current most well-liked low-carb eating plans. You must consume less than 50g of total carbohydrates per day and less than 30g of net carbohydrates to enter the state of ketosis, which allows you to burn fat for energy.

Both 310 Shakes and Thrive Shakes qualify as low carb options that would fit into a keto diet plan – 310 being slightly better. 310 Shakes contain 7g of total carbs and 2g net carbs while Thrive Shakes contain 9g of total carbs and 4g net carbs.

Bottom Line

Both 310 Shakes and Thrive Shakes are low in carbs and net carbs, fitting into a keto diet plan (with 310 having slightly better numbers for both).


Thrive Shakes

It's fantastic that Le-Vel Thrive shakes contain 19 vital vitamins and minerals, all of which are at 20–50% of the daily recommended value. This accomplishes your goal of giving your meal replacement shake all the nutrients you would typically get from a balanced meal.

Also included are digestive enzymes, a probiotic for digestive health, and a special blend with naturally occurring caffeine from black tea.

310 Shake

With 20 important vitamins and minerals, the majority at 30% of the RDV, 310 Shakes are also noteworthy. They also offer a super greens combination, which further improves energy and digestion. The mixture contains nutritious powerhouses like kale, organic spinach, spirulina, and broccoli.

Each smoothie also contains probiotics for maintaining detoxification and general digestive health.

Bottom Line

Thrive Shakes and 310 Shakes both contain a valuable dose of vitamins and minerals in each serving. 310 Shakes also contain a super-greens blend, while both shakes provide probiotics for gut health.


Thrive Shakes

As a result of Le-Vel's status as an MLM, the only option to purchase Thrive Shakes is via a nearby "seller" or distributor. There are advantages and disadvantages to this business approach.

If you end up appreciating the product, you may make more money and receive discounts on the items you already purchase by becoming a promoter or salesperson of Thrive goods. However, working with MLM businesses can occasionally be a little annoying if you want to remain in the "buyers only circle."

For instance, you can start to feel more pressure to buy something or start your own business as a seller. Additionally, you are not free to obtain the goods on your own... You must always go through someone else.

Le-Vel offers a variety of diet drinks and supplements in addition to their 8-week Thrive experience that are intended to promote weight loss and improve health.

310 Shake

Since 310 Nutrition is an internet retailer (rather than an MLM), you can buy products from their website whenever it's convenient for you. They offer customer service by phone, email, or online chat around-the-clock if you need assistance with your orders.

Along with the shakes, the business also sells dietary supplements, detox goods, drinks that support a healthy lifestyle, gym equipment, and other items to help people lose weight.

Bottom Line

Le-Vel is a multi-level marketing company so you can only get Thrive Shakes through a local seller, while 310 is an e-commerce company (with 24/7 customer support), so you can easily get their shakes online.


Thrive or 310 Shake? Have you made your decision? Let’s lay out the facts…

While both of these shakes have impressive labels with good protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals (also being low in sugar and calories), 310 Shake had cleaner ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or soy protein.

Plus, 310 Shakes cost less and have better taste reviews – two critical aspects when it comes to sticking with a meal replacement program.

If you’re interested in eventually selling Thrive shakes, you can get discounts on the product if you become a seller yourself (since the company is an MLM), which isn’t for everyone.

At this point we think it’s clear why 310 Shake is our #1 rated weight loss shake – and it absolutely comes out on top in this diet shake comparison!


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